Blood Brothers (2012 UK Tour) Review

The story of the Johnstone twins who were separated at birth. One given away to be brought up by an upper class family. Giving him the life his twin would never have. Their paths keep crossing and everything is done to keep them apart.

We are shown them dead at the very start of the show, so we know it is not going to be a nice happy ended. The first act really was lighthearted in the places and had some very funny moments when the boys were young. The second act is very different and takes some very emotional turns.

Maureen Nolan took the lead as Mrs Johnstone and was fantastic from start to finish going through so many emotions in front of our eyes on the stage. Including the very emotional and tragic final scene which sees the twins find out the truth and meet death in front of their mothers eyes. I thought this was one of the most emotional and heartfelt scenes I have ever seen on the stage. It took Nolan until the 4th stage bow to be able to smile after the tears had still been falling down her face.

Marti Pellow was haunting as the narrator constantly being on the stage and his presence felt to keep us updated on what was happening in the story, moving it all along and keeping it together with a brilliant pace. He really was such a good choice for this role and I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing him constantly on the stage.

Mickey and Eddie constantly seemed to be drawn to each other but with Eddie’s “mother” trying to keep them apart when they become best friends and blood brothers when they are 7. Even taking to moving away so they will no longer be able to see each other. The two actors in those roles were truly fantastic going from 7-year-old boys, teenagers and then men. Growing up before our eyes was a brilliant thing to see.

The musical numbers were very haunting as well, being a massive fan of Marilyn Monroe I really enjoyed that song and how they kept coming back to her to make references. Let’s face it even now if the 50th anniversary year of her death she still seems to be so relevant and everyone still knows exactly who she is, she will never go out of style.

I cannot give this musical/show enough praise as it really did take my breath away and I went through every emotion whilst watching it. Feeling the pain of the characters as well, fantastic acting and performances from the whole cast – which was not the biggest and they really did work so well together.

Have you not heard the story of the Johnstone twins?

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