The Artist (2011) Review

Silent movie star George Valentin has his world turned upside down when talking pictures are introduced. We are taken on the journey with him in an incredible film which really does show that actions speak louder than words!

I have to admit that before seeing this film at the cinema yesterday I had never seen a silent movie before. Which I know may seem rather strange in wanting to see this film so much, but I knew how they worked and found myself very curious about this film. Especially being made in the current day, which had to be considered a very risky move on whether people would love or hate it.

Well I have to say that I totally loved it and found it to be a very good cinema experience, having to really pay attention to the characters emotions and watch them more closer than you normally would to understand how they are feeling without the use of words. It worked so brilliantly as the cast was very impressive. Especially Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo who were both a joy to watch from start to finish.

It’s not something that you would often think about how talkies replaced the silent movies and what would have happened to the stars of that era if they did not want to be seen talking on film. As we see with George they were most likely forgotten and replaced with younger stars.

I just really enjoyed being able to just watch the actors act and not focus on what they were saying, letting all the actions speak for them and it really did just work so well. I had heard so much about this film being the film of the year and a very happy film to see – and this was all true and did not disappoint.

I just found it so up lifting and rather magical from start to finish, with some amusing moments throughout but also very heartfelt moments. It really does have such a brilliant chance to pick up the best picture Oscar as it has to be the most stand out film from recent years let alone 2011.

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