Haywire (2011) Review

An agent working for a private company suddenly finds herself outcast after she is betrayed and set up on her latest mission.

This film had plenty of action from the very start, but seemed rather random as we had no idea what was actually going on. It took a while for the story line to make sense due to not being sure who each of the characters were. And the roles they played in different events which had happened. We were being told a lot of the story in flashback form, until we reached the ending of the film. This I thought was a good method but it did not help with the confusion as I felt some details were kept from us not helping with the understanding.

I have to admit that I was very much looking forward to this film mainly to see Michael Douglas on the big screen again! But I did guess that he would probably not have very much screen time. This was true he was not in the film very often but for me totally stole each scene he was in.

I found Gina Carano to be very good in the main role and thought she could easily be the next Lara Croft! Or any other action woman type! She really did own the screen and was in some very good fighting scenes with the men!

While I found a few good things about this film, it was spoilt by the cinema going experience of very rude people in the audience! Which I know should not impact the film but it certainly did for this one! People talking around me and constantly going to the toilet! Yes a very small rant in the middle of my review, but I think I would have enjoyed the film more in a quieter cinema screening!

Therefore I am rather undecided if I really like Haywire or not . . .

One thought on “Haywire (2011) Review

  1. I partly agree and not with you- I absolutely didn’t like Haywire. I was curious about this film but I found no substance in the story and Gina Carano is no actress to me- she is pretty and fit, but simply cannot deliver lines persuasively. Everyone else seemed to be just cameos- like Fassbender (who was of course great) or Douglas (so little of him). Very disappointing to me.
    Nice website!


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