The Adjustment Bureau (2011) Review

A Politian and ballerina feel destined to be together but something is keeping them apart. All because it is not in the plan . . .

I was so disappointed when I missed this film in the cinema and even more so now after I have seen it. I really did enjoy it from start to finish. Felt it had a very solid and interesting story line. Looking into fate, destiny and chance and what if we already had a set plan which our lives had to follow.

David and Elise meet one day by chance – and this was not in the plan for either of them as they were never actually supposed to meet. We then see the organisation trying everything they can to stop them seeing each other again. They even have to tell David what they do to keep everyone on track. While he understands this and promises not to reveal them (which would result in him being reset).

3 Years later whilst riding the same bus David sees Elise in the street and rushes to see her. Making this the second meeting by chance – again not in line with the plan. But David does not want to give up so easily this time and really tries to make sure he can keep seeing her.

Richardson is the main man trying to stop David for a while, but Harry wants to help David as well. I won’t spoil what happens in the end as the film does keep you guessing as you’re not actually sure which direction it is going to go in. It does have a few different twists and turns. But I will mention the doors, being able to go through a door and come out somewhere else in New York looks very cool!

I thought Matt Damon and Emily Blunt worked well together and had very good on-screen chemistry as well. I am not always with the biggest fan of Damon as find some of his roles very hit/miss. I thought this one was a big hit for me and would easily watch this film again.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story line and thinking about fate/chance /destiny and if it really does play a part in life.

4 thoughts on “The Adjustment Bureau (2011) Review

  1. I suppose if I think really long and hard on it, it does come off as a bit innocuous but I really liked this one and I thought Emily Blunt’s performance was just ridiculously charismatic. And, Anthony Mackie needs to be in more films.


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