Top 10 – Worst Films of 2011

This list is pretty explanatory, the 10 films I found to be the worst in 2011. Don’t forget though I have not seen every film which was released last year. So choosing from this list of films I went to see at the cinema.

10. Larry Crowne (Review)

I hate that I have put a Julia Roberts film in my 10 worst films of 2011, but I was so disappointed by this film! I was expecting too much from it and it really didn’t offer anything at all.

9. Warrior (Review)

This is probably my most controversial choice, but this film had such a massive build up and potential to be very good but it just totally failed for me.

8. The Three Musketeers

This could have been really good, but I found it was not memorable in the slightest and not worth the time and effort to sit and watch it!

7. Abduction

Now I wasn’t expecting this film to be good at all, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as bad as it was. Baring in mind the plot had pretty good potential but acting wise it was a total let down.

6. Conan the Barbarian (Review)

This seemed to start off alright, but then as it built up towards the end it just all ended in disappointment.

5. Horrible Bosses (Review)

Having the word horrible in the title can be related to this film as well, it was truly horrible from the start to the end.

4. Justice

Sorry Nicolas Cage but this does not get you back in the good film list or even on the mind. But let’s face it we never expected this to be very good. Cage’s track record in recent years for films has not been good at all.

3. Tower Heist

I didn’t even want to go and see this film as it just looked bad, so in that sense I wasn’t disappointed. It just seemed like one of the most pointless films I have seen in recent years and how the mighty have fallen aka Eddie Murphy!

2. Bad Teacher (Review)

Another film in this list with part of the title describing how I found the film, in this case bad . . . and wow it was very very bad. Possibly one of the worst films I have seen!

1.  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I (Review)

Fantastically placed up in top spot of the worst films I saw in 2011. It really surprised me at how awful the film was, the fact it had music being played at random times over the top of everything and don’t get me started on the talking “dog” scene – one of the worst in cinema history for sure!

8 thoughts on “Top 10 – Worst Films of 2011

  1. Thankfully, I didn’t subject myself to watch most of these, but I’m so glad to see someone else recognizing “Warrior” for the boring, cliched movie that it is. If Nick Nolte gets an Oscar nomination for his detoxed slurs, I will be quite upset.


  2. I haven’t even seen it, but I think my mental list would have Jack and Jill be part of the list of trainwrecks, that movie looked worse than Abduction (also, I know you didn’t see it in cinema either, understandably!) — and that’s saying something.


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