Films I am looking forward to in 2012

Some of the choices will be obvious, while others may seem a little strange. But I promise I have my reasons for wanting to see the following 14 films next year! Doesn’t seem like many, but I am sure a few little gems will be released and take me by surprise. But let’s take a small look at the films I am most looking forward to in 2012 . . .

Man on a Ledge

Now this one looks interesting and let’s be honest I am sick of seeing the trailer! I am looking forward to finding out exactly why a man is on the ledge!

The Woman in Black

Another which I have seen the trailer for a lot at the end of this year. It looks creepy and it’s always good to see Daniel Radcliffe away from Harry Potter and watching his progression as an actor.

The Vow

Yes I do have a soft spot for a bit of romance, and the Vow looks to have that in abundance. As Tatum must help McAdams remember who he is after an accident. I know it sounds corny but it sounds nice and I do like a bit of Channing Tatum as well!

Mirror Mirror

One of two Snow White based films to be released in 2012. I have opted for Mirror Mirror as the film I want to see the most out of the two of them. I am sure you can figure out why, because of my favorite Julia Roberts in the role of the Evil Queen!

The Hunger Games

In all honesty I don’t completely know what this is all about, but a friend of mine has read and loves the books. Which is an aim of mine before this comes out, yes you guessed it to read the books!

The Lucky One

I really do have such a soft spot for Nicholas Spark’s based films. They always seem to hit a nerve and really talk to me. Yes I am showing my romantic at heart side again with this choice. Plus throwing in Zac Efron makes me extra happy!

The Avengers

This film has probably has the longest build up, due to the fact 3 different films end ready for this one to begin! All linking together, which could not have been an easy task. But good in the way of building this film up even more and creating a big fan base and interest. What can be better than Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and more all teaming up together?

Men in Black III

Ok probably a very guilty pleasure really, but come on I was young when the first film came out and totally loved it. Didn’t really have the same love for the second film, but surely this will be quite a nice visit to some old friends? Well maybe, maybe not but we don’t have very long to find out.

Rock of Ages

A musical with rock songs and Catherine Zeta Jones . . . doesn’t really get any better than that so the rest of the cast are an added bonus really. This looks like it is going to be a good movie musical!

The Amazing Spider-Man

I have never been a big fan of the Spider-Man films, but now with the reboot and Andrew Garfield in the lead role it has very much caught my attention therefore making the list of films I am looking forward to in 2012. Garfield has looked impressive in his other roles, so I am very excited to see him take on this role.

The Dark Knight Rises

The end for Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy which is so sad, but at the same time we are just expecting so much from this film. After the brilliant Dark Knight which really blew everyone away, this one is going to be epic!


Bond is back for his 23rd official outing and my favorite Daniel Craig is Bond again! Hopefully this film can build on the ground work the previous two films have put down, but more like Casino Royale! We all know what to expect from 007 and rarely disappointed by his big screen outings!

Les Misérables

Being the musical geek that I am, seeing a big screen adaptation of Les Mis is just brilliant. Although I have not actually seen this one on the stage yet (terrible I know). I guess this gives me a short time to quickly see it on the stage before the film comes out!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

It feels like forever waiting for this film, I know still pretty much a year but after the trailer being released last week it looks so good and is going to be well worth the wait. So excited to see this on the big screen, as I found the book to be just brilliant.

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