New Year’s Eve (2011) Review

This film shows us how different people in New York spend their New Year’s Eve. We share the laughs and nice moments, maybe even a few tears shed as well.

We are more than used to this type of film now after Love Actually started it all off with the Christmas theme, and then we have had a one about Paris and New York. But New Year’s Eve is more like the follow-up . . . or second in the series from Garry Marshall, after Valentine’s Day. I have to admit that I enjoyed NYE much more than V-Day as felt it was less pushing the event down our throats as we watched.

Some of the storylines kept us guessing from start to finish, and I really wasn’t on the ball myself the night I saw this film as didn’t really do very well in guessing who was going to end up with who. Although a couple of the stories were very obvious.

Quite a few of my favorite actors and actresses are in this film which encouraged me to want to see it even more. Especially with my love for Jon Bon Jovi who yes does sing a couple of songs along with the voice that is Lea Michele! It is by no means the best film or anything really special but I found it to be watchable and if it was realised closer to New Year it probably would have helped fill you with hope for the up and coming year.

I have never really had a very eventual New Year’s Eve so cannot really relate to any of the characters in that sense as most of them are trying to get somewhere to meet someone and live happily ever after . . . ok maybe not happily ever after but at least a good start to the New Year. Which is probably something everyone has thought about before, really kicking off the year with a nice start to it.

I think I quite enjoyed the Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer storyline when he was helping her complete the list of what seemed impossible things with very creative methods. While it was all so he could get tickets to an exclusive ball, in the end he does help her out for one last thing which is rather amusing.

I still was disappointed that Garry Marshall did not call upon the one actresses he has worked with the most and my most favorite . . . Julia Roberts that has to be one thing this film is missing!

But if you want to watch something else which does not require a lot of thought and will make you smile and laugh this really is the film to do just that. Especially with a couple of days left before 2012 begins . . .

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