Breaking Dawn: Part I (2011) Review

The beginning of the end for the Twilight Saga see’s the first part to Breaking Dawn released at the cinema. This one is a strange one for myself as I stopped reading the book halfway through . . .

I thought the way they decided to go for it with this film, had it close to the two-hour mark, yet hardly anything actually happens. The first major problem I found was the heavy use of music/songs throughout the film which I thought was very distracting and the scenes could have been much better with silence used instead of loud music which did not really fit the mood.

Ok so fair enough I wasn’t really expecting to like the film and went in thinking it was going to be bad. Nothing about it really changed my mind. I’m sure people who have just seen the trailer know what the film is about . . . Edward and Bella getting married and then Bella getting pregnant. Obviously Jacob is not happy with it all, yet still sticks around in an attempt to help her.

They tried to put a lot of humour into the film, but I don’t really think it works very well as it makes it too difficult to take it seriously in any way at all. Just when I was thinking the films were starting to get better from the first one as well, but this really is not the best at all. Maybe the fact I stopped reading the book half way through has influenced my dislike for this film.

I think its more because I felt that they really could have made this a very good film, gripping and make us care about the characters. I don’t feel like it was like that at all. Even little details like how Edward looked changed, he looked normal and less white . . . therefore less vampire.

I went to see the film with a friend who had read the books and we even went to the midnight screening of Eclipse! We both just kept looking at each other throughout the film, which is not really a good thing at all. We were quite shocked by how bad some of it was. We didn’t really have much to say about the film when it finished either!

3 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn: Part I (2011) Review

  1. I don’t think as a whole it was an extremely bad movie, but it definitely wasn’t a good one. However, I didn’t feel like it was a waste of money, though I did not pay for my ticket 😉

    Great review, and it’d be great if you took the time to check out my blog as well!


  2. There just wasn’t enough to fill an entire film, it felt like there was a lot of padding going on. Some laughably bad moments too. I still gave it a 5/10 though for the last 25 minutes which i thought were surprisingly good! Nice summary, pretty spot on.


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