Real Steel (2011) Review

In the near future in a world which wanted more than human boxing – as it was no longer seen as violent enough, robots now compete in the fights. Destroying each other into lots of pieces.

Charlie Kenton (Jackman) was a boxer who is struggling to keep making money and we see his robots getting destroyed. He owes lots of different people a lot of money. His whole life changes when he is reunited with his 11-year-old son, Max. Who he had never met before, but after the death of his mother everything changes when Max spends the summer with Charlie.

I wasn’t expecting this film to have a very heartwarming father/son storyline to it. But it really did have a good story and made us care about the characters as well – or at least I cared about the characters and that is without being a perv towards Hugh Jackman as well! Which obviously is very difficult not to do, as let’s face it he is a very good-looking man!

But we are not really supposed to like Charlie because of his attitude and the things he does, especially towards Max. But slowly over the course of the film and finding the old bot we see him change his ways and not only become a father but a better man as well. So that must be a surprise that a film about robots which are put into a boxing ring to smash each other up actually has a good story-line to it.

I really did enjoy this film and wasn’t really expecting to as much as I did. What do you think about this film?

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