I Don’t Know How She Does It (2011) Review

I Don’t Know How She Does It . . . is all based around character Kate (SJP) who must find a balance between work and her family life.

We don’t often see the story of a woman who has a high-powered job yet also has a husband and two young children. Could that be because it is not something that happens very often? Surely that cannot be true anymore and this must be common for hundreds and thousands of women around the world? Well I for one hope so, that you can find a balance between the two worlds.

We see Kate travelling around to different cities arriving home very late at night and having to do something for her daughter’s school the next morning. We see her struggle as her daughter is 5/6 years old and not happy with her mother leaving a lot. Her two-year old son it doesn’t really affect as much. Kate still finds it so difficult to leave them, but also loves her job as well which makes it much more difficult.

The way the film is done has our central character Kate stop in scenes at times and talk to the camera, telling us her thoughts at that very moment. We also have other characters telling us their thoughts on Kate, including her best friend, a work colleague and another of the mothers from school. Basically explaining that they don’t get how Kate does it at all. I’m not the biggest fan of that type of thing in a film like this, tried to make it seem at times like a documentary – which it was obviously so far from.

When Kate is put on a big project at work, this sees her travelling and spending a lot of time in New York with Jack Abelhammer (Brosnan). It must be slightly wrong but I was just waiting for him to make a move on Kate. But that didn’t really happen in the way that I thought it was. It turned out to be quite a cute and lovely scene. Maybe because it felt the wrong way around, we are more used to seeing a woman making a fool of herself but this time it was the man.

Quite a lot of the things that went wrong for Kate, like sending emails to the wrong person were amusing and you can imagine yourself doing things like that. Generally getting yourself into embarrassing situations, other than that this film was not particularly memorable. I do seem to be alone in being a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker, she always seems to get such a tough time from critics and film watchers as well. Maybe it’s difficult when you can always see a part of Carrie Bradshaw in her roles but I have a soft spot for her.

The main idea of this film is to prove that women can have and do it all. While it times it may not be very easy, it does manage to work itself out in the end. Possible helps to show that women can take more on and not complain compared to men? Although we all knew that was true anyway.

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