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Having attended the cinema hundreds and hundreds of times over the years, I have a rather strange thing of keeping all of the cinema tickets from the different screenings. Which my friends still laugh at – yet appreciate if we ever argue about which screen we saw a certain film in the past. Yes that probably does sound very sad but it’s just one of our cinema things that we seem to do.

I have them all in a book, in date order . . . yes it does seem to get worse and even more geeky. But before starting this blog it’s probably good to see some of the random films I have been to see and that have never been seen since the cinema. I do plan on some future blog posts or at least a record on the blog of the films I have seen in the cinema (that I still have the tickets for).

Most of my tickets will be from Cineworld, but I am sure I have a couple of random ones from different cinema chains. Especially a few from when I have been to the USA and seen films out their, particularly when I lived in New Jersey. Found it quite good to see films before the UK, yet slightly strange that when I came home a couple of the films then came out a few months later.

Collecting cinema tickets has to be one of my most geeky film things . . . or at least the main one that I actually realize. I don’t really seem to collect much else film wise. As I have mentioned before on the blog I am a proud holder of a Cineworld Unlimited Card.

This makes it easier to head to the cinema to see more films. Or at least the films you probably wouldn’t end up going to see. Hence keeping the tickets being a good idea for me! We can go as many times as possible – which obviously works better when more films are out.

I tend to go at least once a week to the cinema (when more films are out twice a week), but have done days in recent months seeing two films in one day . . . aka a cinema day! Which you have to admit that there is really nothing better than being able to relax and watch films at the cinema = good times.

One thing I can count on is that my cinema ticket collection is going to continue to grow and nothing is really ever going to stop that. I love attending the cinema and keeping the tickets from the showing is just something I have done for years now. I think the oldest ticket I seem to have is from the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King – which is very fitting as it was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy that really confirmed and started my love for film.

Do you keep your cinema ticket stubs? or just throw them away after the film?

7 thoughts on “Cinema Tickets

  1. I can own up to being as geeky as you here. I’m a bit OCD and it does really get to me if, for whatever reason, I don’t get a ticket from the cinema when I go in to a film. I had them all in a big box but, like you, I sorted through them recently and stuck them in a book. The first one I’ve got (although I’m sure I went to the cinema before this) is from when STAR WARS was re-released in 1999. There’s loads of oddities in there. I went to see GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS twice in one week, for example. God knows why!


    • So pleased that I am not the only one! I’ve been to see some very random films which I probably would have forgot about if it had not been for still having the tickets.


  2. I’m kind of glad there are other people out there with similar obsessions to me. I used to keep all my cinema stubs…I have since lost them all but another thing I did for several years was write down every single movie I saw with the date and a score out of five. I have about three years worth of movie titles in a book. It is interesting to see what I watched and when.


    • Glad your one of them as well Dan! Writing the scores out of 5 is such a good idea, as I bet you look back and wonder what you were thinking with some of them.


  3. Yeah, I think that this is actually rather common. I’ve kept all of mine since about 1995. Pretty sure I still have Apollo 13 kicking around. Though I haven’t bothered for the last couple years. Guess I just decided I didn’t want the hassle any more.


  4. I always keep my cinema tickets, also stored in a beautiful box, next to other concert or arts tickets! Nice to find someone who does that, too! Great blog you have here!


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