“Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.”

Archibald Alexander Leach created the stage name Cary Grant and it seems that he even wanted to be Cary Grant as well. The title of this blog post is a quote from the great man himself. He was born in Bristol, England but later in his life once he reached the Hollywood leading man status he gained American citizenship.

He was nominated twice for an Academy Award but only ever won an honorary Oscar. Grant has often been voted the greatest movie star of all time – if not coming first he is very near the top. His charisma and on-screen presence really was just incredible, he had a brilliant charm and manner that it was impossible not to love him.

Mae West really helped to launch his Hollywood career when casting him in ‘I’m No Angel’ and ‘She Done Him Wrong’. Two films I totally adore with having West and Grant in them, they really do have fantastic on-screen chemistry. She totally dominated him at times in the films, but still managed to show what a fantastic leading man he would become.

My favorite film starring Grant has to be ‘An Affair to Remember’ mainly because it was the first of his films that I ever watched and I really fell in love with both Grant and the film. It was a classic old style film, with a great love story and how can you not love that? It was Hollywood and our main two characters barely even kissed on-screen yet it was incredible how moving the film is. It will always be one of my favorite ever films. I still have a lot of Grant’s films to catch up on!

He is everything that you would want from a leading man on film, but also everything a woman wants from a man as well. He has the charm, the good looks, the lines and the attitude – they really aren’t like that anymore at all. He set a fantastic standard and was probably the best possible choice for James Bond – and yet did not ever play the role. Although he was supposed to be wanted for it. I am sure everyone can agree that we could easily imagine Grant as 007 because of his charm and brilliant on-screen presence.

He did not just stick to serious roles, he did not mind at all having people laughing at him and entertaining everyone who watches the films he starred in. Every woman wants to be with him and every man want’s to be him. That is not something that can be said about many actors or men for that matter. He really was just one of a kind and incredible in the films he starred in.

Grant had a very long and full life dying at the age of 82 after being married five times and having one daughter, being in 74 films. Always being a highlight at the Oscar ceremony and being very well-loved by his peers. One brilliant thing about films is being able to keep enjoying them year after year, therefore people will not forget about the brilliance of Cary Grant in films and how no one has really come close to him at all.

3 thoughts on ““Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.”

  1. Not only would he make a great Bond, but I always thought he would make a great Superman. He has the Man of Steel look along with the slapstick nerdiness of Clark Kent.

    Great actor. My favourites out of his films would have to be Bringing Up Baby, North by Northwest, and Charade.


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