Eat, Pray, Love (2010) Review

A story about a woman who realises that her life is not as she would have wanted. Starting by leaving her husband and the unhappy marriage she finds herself in, to take a year out to find herself and learn what life truly means.

If you have read or followed my blog you will know that Julia Roberts is my favorite actress, therefore I always have a slight bias towards her films. This one however has grown on me since a second viewing last week. I did see this the day it came out at the cinema and thought it was ok, but since watching it again I thought it was good and really enjoyed it more the second time around.

I just feel that the film all worked really well, and we are taken on this personal journey with Liz and we can relate to exactly what she is going through. Surely everyone at sometime in their lives wants to head off travel and find themselves. But hardly anyone will be willing to do just that, getting out of the life they do not want and starting again.

I think a reason why I felt like I could relate to the character as I always get scared that I will end up trapped like Liz was in a relationship and be scared to get out of it. So I really found myself feeling sorry for her, but also felt sorry for her husband Stephen. He really took it badly that she did not want to be with him anymore.

Eat – heading to Italy which involves lots of Pasta and Pizza meaning a lot of weight gain. But we see Liz learn about family and making friends whilst learning the language and understanding what effects people can have on you. Pray – was heading to India and trying to come to terms with leaving her husband and again making a friend with a fellow American who really does end up helping her. Love – falling into it again when she meets Felipe, accepting love in her life again.

It really does help to show what you can learn from different cultures and some time away from where your life has been for so many years. Getting away to understand the meaning of life from different people’s perspectives is something special. Whilst then learning and accepting things about yourself and your own life.

Therefore I feel that this film seemed to get a lot of negative reviews and criticism, but I felt that it done exactly what the story needed and show us how you can change your life. That you will never be stuck and you can make out of it what you really want.

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