Friends with Benefits (2011) Review

Jamie (Kunis) and Dylan (Timberlake) meet after she headhunts him for a job for GQ in New York. Leaving him with a choice to move away from LA to NYC, which he does and they soon become close friends . . . but how close is too close?

Obviously we all know what friends with benefits is going to be about, it’s going to be about sex and if that has a massive impact on a friendship. Will it change the relationship and can two people have sex without feelings or becoming more involved. At certain times in the film I felt as though they had answered the questions and got it spot on, but towards the end the film became a cliché of itself.

From the beginning we see Jamie hating yet loving the “Hollywood” cliché that is mentioned throughout the film. Which is a fair enough point to be made, but seems a little pointless at the same time. But don’t get me wrong I really did enjoy this film I thought it was hilarious at times. The sex scenes were so funny and probably a lot more realistic than we are used to seeing on-screen. They tell each other what to do and it was awkward at times – which is more like real life.

Whilst being funny and entertaining we also have some quite deep storylines as well to go with it all. We know they are both damaged by different events in their lives – again something everyone watching can relate to. I didn’t see the story of Dylan’s father coming – until we first saw him and I guessed right away. Something which seems to be coming up more in films these days and I find it very hard-hitting for personal reasons.

I cannot make my mind up whether I think that storyline made the film better or it could have gone on without it. I’m thinking more the latter, mainly because with the tone of the rest of the film it felt like it was trying to hard to have some serious dramatic moments.

Other than that, it was an enjoyable cinema experience, Timberlake and Kunis are very easy to watch. Romantic comedies seem to be having quite a good time of it at the moment. I would watch this again when it comes onto TV!

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