Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010) Review

Gordon Gekko (Douglas) is now out of prison and trying to rebuild his life, his empire and relationship with his daughter Winnie (Mulligan). Using her stock broker boyfriend Jake Moore (LeBeouf) to do all of this.

A sequel to the very popular and well-known 1987 film Wall Street  . . . which saw a best actor Oscar go to Michael Douglas for his role as Gordon Gekko, with the phrase “Greed is good” becoming very well-known.

This film starts with Gordon getting out of prison and realising that he is not the man he once was and he has to start his life all over again. He writes a book and is seen giving talks in different places, about greed and money. It is 2008 in the film and we get to see the breakdown of the stock market and what caused it all to crash out of control.

Jake is an interesting character as he seems to be everything that you would expect Winnie to stay away from after her experiences with her father. He is very ambitious and really does remind us of Bud (Sheen) from the first film. Still learning his way and looking for a big break.

We are kept wondering throughout the film whether Gordon has really changed or not. As he seems to have his moments especially when it comes to making things up to Winnie. I’ll not spoil some of the events which happen in the film, but it does very much go for the happy hollywood ending which I wasn’t entirely sure if I liked.

While it was never going to be anywhere near as good as the first film, it did a job in covering the crash of Wall Street and how it effected people’s lives. Performance wise, you cannot complain about the strong cast and Michael Douglas reprising his Oscar-winning role.

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