Top 10 – Tragic Love Stories: Part 2

I decided that after watching more films and giving my Top 10 – Tragic Love Stories post more thought that a second part of tragic love stories should be done. Mainly because lets face it so many tragic love stories seem to happen on the movie world. I have taken into consideration the comments on what is now Tragic Love Stories: Part 1 – with people letting me know which films they feel have the most tragic love stories in them. I agreed with a lot of them as well, but had already done the first list.

This part contains quite a lot of more recent film love stories and some which were missed from Part 1!


10. Atonement (2007)

Cecelia and Robbie do not have much time together and Cecilia’s younger sister accuses him of a crime he did not commit.

Why its tragic?

They only have a very short period of time together and pine for each other as he goes off to fight in the way.

Most Heartbreaking Moment

Being forced apart because of the lies of young girl.

Most Heartbreaking Quote

Robbie Turner: …if all we have rests in a few moments in a library three and a half years ago, then I don’t know… I don’t…
Cecilia Tallis: Robbie… look at me. Look at me. Come back. Come back to me.

9. Revolutionary Road (2008) Review

A young married couple who start off with so much enthusiasm of their life together. But soon they realise that they are not going to travel the world and will be staying in the jobs they have and the house they live in. Will it be enough?

Why its tragic?

The passion they had for each other in the beginning is still evident throughout, despite the rowing and shouting with each other.

Most Heartbreaking Moment

It really does have to be the ending with Frank’s reaction to April’s death, after giving herself an abortion. We know at that moment despite the affairs they both had he loved her more than anything

Most Heartbreaking Quote

“Just because you’ve got me safe in this little trap, you think you can bully me into feeling whatever you want me to feel!”

8. Meet Joe Black (1998)

Joe Black is death who is getting ready to take William, who is showing him life . . . but Joe falls in love with William’s daughter Susan.

Why its tragic?

Susan really falls for Joe unaware that he is death and just in the form of the very attractive young man. She teaches him love and how to feel things.

Most Heartbreaking Moment

When “Joe” comes back but is no longer the actual person Susan was in love with. Going back to the man she saw in the street.

Most Heartbreaking Quote

“Susan Parrish: Tell me you love me now.
Joe Black: I love you now. I love you always. ”

7.  (500) Days of Summer (2009) Review

Despite being told from the very start that this is not a love story . . . it is a love story just more of unrequited love.

Why its tragic?

We don’t often think of men as the ones being hurt from love, and this film shows us that it does indeed happen.

Most Heartbreaking Moment

The brilliant reality/dream scene . . . when Tom hopes that he is going to get back with Summer only to find out that she has met someone else and is now engaged. Really is sad!

Most Heartbreaking Quote

“You don’t want to be named as anybody’s girlfriend, and now you’re someone’s wife? ”

6. Romeo + Juliet (1996)

Everyone knows this story of the starstruck lovers who betray their fighting families by being together.

Why its tragic?

The ending when they are both willing to take their own lives for one another.

Most Heartbreaking Moment

Most Heartbreaking Quote

“And when I shall die, take him and cut him up in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will fall in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun. ”

5. A Star is Born (1954)

Norman Maine a big movie star falls for Vicki Lester/Esther Blodgett and their relationship is never perfect. He drinks too much and embarrasses her as she wins an Oscar.

Why its tragic?

You cannot help but believe that despite Norman’s ways he really does love Esther and never wanted to hurt her.

Most Heartbreaking Moment

The year after she won the Oscar and was embarrassed by Norman, heading back and introducing herself as his wife after his death.

Most Heartbreaking Quote

“Hello, everybody. This is Mrs. Norman Maine. ”

4. An Education (2009) Review

This film is a coming of age story and a little look at how a young girl who is becoming a woman cannot help but fall for everything her lover almost twice her age, believing everything he tells her.

Why its tragic?

Having your heart-broken has to be the worst thing that can happen to you, but when it happens for the first time it’s even more cutting. Which this film shows,

Most Heartbreaking Moment

It has to be when Jenny finds out that David is actually married with children . . . I was expecting it either!

Most Heartbreaking Quote

“One of the boys I dated, and they were boys, suggested that we go to Paris and I said I’d always wanted to see Paris. As if I’d never been!” (last lines)

3. A Walk To Remember (2002)

Jamie does tell Landon to promise not to fall in love with her when they are rehearsing for the school play. But he just laughs it off, she did warn him in good reason. She is dying . . .

Why its tragic?

How young the couple are and the very little time they spent together. He gave her hope and she gave him the confidence that no one else ever had done in the past.

Most Heartbreaking Moment

It has to be Landon’s breakdown moment to his father asking for him to help Jamie. But also helping her through her list, as we know it’s all going to come to an end.

Most Heartbreaking Quote

“Our love is like the wind… I can’t see it, but I sure can feel it.”

2. One Day (2011) Review

A story which shows the two main characters over 20 years and how big a part they played in each others lives, until they were eventually ready for each other.

Why its tragic?

After seeing them over 20 years and really hoping Dex will grow up and realise he is meant to be with Em, when they eventually get together she is taken away not long after.

Most Heartbreaking Moment

Seeing that Dex is going to struggle so much without Em and the conversation with Ian who tells Dex that he really did make Em happy.

Most Heartbreaking Quote

“I love you, Dex, so much. I just don’t like you anymore. I’m sorry.”

1. The English Patient (1996) Review

Set around the second world war a burns victim tells us his great love story with a married woman.

Why its tragic?

The affair which ended but was never really over for them, and in the end when we think they are eventually going to be together that does not happen.

Most Heartbreaking Moment

When he eventually gets back to her, carrying her out and crying.

Most Heartbreaking Quote

“Almásy: I just wanted you to know: I’m not missing you yet.
Katharine Clifton: You will.”


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