250 Films

Looking back at some of my blog posts I first had the idea of doing a top 25o film list back in 2009, but never actually started with the blog posts. I’ve now decided the format in which it is all going to happen. My top 250 films are going to be more based on the films which I have watched over and over again and have a love for – so that means they might not be the best acting wise or even storyline wise . . . as I am going to go back to some of the films which I used to watch in my childhood. The list might not stay at 250 films, it could end up being longer and having more than that.

I will be doing one film per post, so it’s going to be quite an epic journey. Each post will have a brief plot line about the story, stills from the film, possible video of different scenes and most importantly why I love the film – or what I have always loved about it. If you follow my blog regularly I am sure you will have a pretty good idea which films are going to be in this feature.

I think it is going to be interesting looking back, but these posts aren’t going to end up like a full review of the films – I will keep all of that separate. So be prepared to join Let’s Go To The Movies making a top 250 list of films which I love!

I have noticed a few other film bloggers have done or are doing this type of thing – which has also helped me decided to really go for this now! Wish me luck!

Top 10 – Tragic Love Stories: Part 2

I decided that after watching more films and giving my Top 10 – Tragic Love Stories post more thought that a second part of tragic love stories should be done. Mainly because lets face it so many tragic love stories seem to happen on the movie world. I have taken into consideration the comments on what is now Tragic Love Stories: Part 1 – with people letting me know which films they feel have the most tragic love stories in them. I agreed with a lot of them as well, but had already done the first list.

This part contains quite a lot of more recent film love stories and some which were missed from Part 1!


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