Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011) Review

A ruthless businessman’s life is turned upside down after his father’s death and he is left penguins in his will. This however helps him win his family back whilst having a difficult time at work.

After seeing the trailer for this film I wasn’t really to bothered about going to see it. However,  I took my 5-year-old god-daughter to see it and the verdict was that I enjoyed it much more than she did. I think she was slightly too young for it as it did have quite a meaningful family based storyline. Which for the littler kids was probably a bit much and they just want to see the penguins.

Jim Carrey as Mr Popper put in a very good performance, he was not too over the top and very believable in the role of the businessman who manages to win his family back after being sent penguins in his fathers will. Whilst trying to buy a city landmark from Mrs Van Gundy (Lansbury).

We see Popper’s relationship with his son and daughter both getting back on track due to the introduction of the penguins. But not only that he ends up attached to them as well. We get to see what exactly a New York City apartment would look like filled with snow for the penguins to live in.

This film really did have a good heart and a few family points, which I found pleasantly surprising. I really did find some enjoyment in this film, mainly because I wasn’t expecting anything from it and the added bonus of Angela Lansbury. An actress who you cannot help  but love no matter what role you watch her in.

By the reactions from the audience at the screening of this film the children really did enjoy it as you could hear them laughing throughout. But also laughter from the adults in the audience as well, some of the jokes/lines were directed at the adults. So all in all I really do think they done well with this film to have it enjoyable for both children and adults.

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