You Again (2010) Review

What if the girl who made your life a total hell in high school was suddenly back in your life and going to marry your brother? Well Marni (Bell) is about to find out . . .

Then add in your mother’s former high school best friend who just happens to be your enemies Aunt . . . confused yet? Well don’t be it’s not really that complicated of a story. Not that the story is very strong. The film does have some amusing moments but not enough of them for it to be a very good comedy.

It is very predictable from start to finish and you can constantly guess what is going to happen next. I guess it helps to show that some people cannot forget what happened when they were at school, some memories just stick with you throughout your life. But the film also shows that you can change the person you were in the past and become a better person.

Performance wise you have to enjoy the scenes between Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver, but even then it is not enough to keep you going through this film. The scene stealer comes in Golden Girl Betty White who plays the grandmother, she is hilarious in the couple of scenes we see her in. She really does still have it and manages to entertain us!

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