Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) Review

In San Francisco Dr Will Rodman (Franco) rescues a baby ape when experiments went wrong and the company he worked for order for them all to be put down.

We quickly discover why Will was trying to get his trials done, to help his father battle Alzheimer’s. Trying to find a cure, to help him have his life back. But in the mean time having Caesar living in his house, creating a room for him. Will quickly grows very attached to Caesar, and teaches him to sign.

But the main thing to remember about Caesar was that the drug put into his mother, passed onto him when he was born. This means that his brain activity is increased and he is much smarter than other apes and even humans of the same age. Obviously we know that this is not going to end well at all, when Caesar attacks the neighbour after seeing him getting aggressive towards Charles.

We see the years go by and how much Caesar has grown attached to Will as though he was his real father. We see human traits in Caesar including jealously when Will starts a relationship with Caroline. He wants more attention and doesn’t seem to like having Will taken away from him. But the attack on the neighbour when defending Charles causes Caesar to be taken away and put with other apes.

They are not treated very well at all, the biggest culprit of the mistreatment is by Dodge (Felton) who uses all different types of methods on the apes. Including water and a stun gun. This causes Caesar to want to break out and help the other apes as well.

Without spoiling the ending and letting anymore of the plot to be known, I have to admit that I found this film very disappointing. With how long the trailer has been attached to different films and the hype surrounding it, I don’t think really helped it. I expected too much and a lot more than I got from it.

I did actually enjoy James Franco’s performance I found him to be very believable and easy to relate with throughout the film. The ending leaves a question mark, and a possible sequel?

2 thoughts on “Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) Review

  1. I wasn’t actually expecting to be as moved as I did from this material but Serkis just really channeled the inner ape within him, and nails this perfect motion-capture performance as Caesar. Good Review!


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