The Joneses (2009) Review

The perfect looking family move into a new neighbourhood but they have a little secret . . . the family role is just a well paid job. Product selling . . . Steve (Duchovny) his wife Kate (Moore) and their children Jenn (Heard) and Mick (Hollingsworth).

I found this to be quite an interesting concept for a film. Everyone has heard of the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” talking about people copying what you buy very quickly. So to have a family who are actually more like actors trying to sell different types of products.

This works extremely well when the different age groups and attachments for each of the family members manage to get the product sales increased almost straight away after appearing in the neighbourhood. The film is very tongue in cheek throughout, really trying to show how made it has become on people wanting to have material goods and items . . . mainly because someone else has them.

I found myself enjoying this film a little more than I expected, as I remember seeing the trailer in the cinema before it came out. But not actually going to see it, no particular reason for that. It actually had a few different storylines which were quite relevant to recent times and it really did manage to relate to real life . . . which I know some people do not want in a film. Regardless of that we do have a few questions raised.

The amount of debt the neighbours end up getting themselves in to copy off practically everything the Joneses have. This actually lets us see that Steve is not cut out for the job at hand. When he is emotionally attached, but that should not take away from the tragedy which occurs (and I will not spoil).

While it is hinted at that Kate and Steve have had something between them in the past, she is very reluctant to start anything up again and wants to just keep the acting up. But this becomes more difficult to her as the time goes on. As Jenn and Mick are pretending to be younger than they actually are this causes problems. Jenn and her wanting of an older man, and in this case a married man. Mick having to appear the perfect guy in school, when in fact he is gay.

So with all this they are far from the perfect carefree family they have to pose as in order to do the job they are paid to do. A very strange idea for a film or for a lifestyle, but something about it really does just work and I found myself actually enjoying it – which is very strange as not much really to it.

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