Why Dirty Dancing should not be remade . . .

A lot of speculation and rumours online yesterday about a possible remake for ‘Dirty Dancing’. I am in the please don’t remake it side. I just cannot understand why a film which is still so loved and watched over and over should be remade. Even if you try to update it, it won’t have the same effect at all. You could not get away with the same lines which while some are so cheesy yet some are so brilliant. It would not be the same hearing someone different say them after nearly 25 years of this film. Patrick Swayze’s best known film and why all women (including myself) love him.

No way the ending could be recreated like that, and with that song . . . which everyone just loves to dance and sing along to. A very big hit at party’s and discos, with people trying to recreate the lift! (Yes I have been attempted to be lifted before).

Having a look at the actors and actresses who have been linked with the roles already, it appears they are after someone who can sing and dance. As these all have experience with both of those along with acting.

Actors already being talked about as taking over Patrick Swayze’s role:

Dominic Cooper starred in musical film Mamma Mia!

Chace Crawford star of Gossip Girl and was at one time going to play the lead role in the Footloose remake.

Matthew Morrison star of Glee and Broadway.

Actresses talked about taking over Jennifer Grey’s role of Baby:

Miley Cyrus singer and star of TV show Hannah Montana, adding movies like ‘The Last Song’ to her career in recent times.

Demi Lovato is a singer/songwriter and Disney star.

Lea Michele star of Glee and former star of Broadway.

While I do like a few of the actors/actresses above and their earlier work. I still just find myself being against this remake. It has taken me years to finally admit that I do indeed love watching Dirty Dancing and know it all off by heart now. It is still on the TV a lot and when it is so many people still watch it, but would a remake take something away from the original? Maybe if they decided to make the musical stage show into a new film that would be slightly different? I would give that a chance but not a remake of the original film! I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next on this film.

So what do you think? Would you like to see Dirty Dancing being remade?

3 thoughts on “Why Dirty Dancing should not be remade . . .

  1. ugh, I completely agree with you I wouldn’t want to see this remade especially with the choice of actresses and actors. It would be like a Glee/disney fest. It just wouldn’t be the same, like you said. I’m against most remakes, some of them are unique and work, but most are just crap. The footloose remake looks that way…they’ve turned it into an mtv, breakdancing, teeny movie. Anyway, I’m ranting now, but they should leave this untouched.


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