Double Feature Theatre

The double feature theatre is what I would show in a week, the theme for the whole week is going to be Sports films. Each day we will have two films on from the same sport. I work in sport and have a degree in sport, so the chance to relate my love of watching films in my spare time and how I make my living seemed like such a good way to go with my theatre. A lot of sports films have been very good and very well receieved. I have decided to pick different sport’s for the double feature with three that don’t fit into the others for the triple play on the Sunday.

When possible I have tried to have women and men’s sport in the selections, but also not just films focused on the players/athletes of a sport. I have also tried to remember about the fans and agents who are also a massive part of sport as well.

Monday – Baseball

We start with a very well loved American sport and not played at all in the UK. But I do love a good Baseball film. So thought it was a very good way to start off the week. Especially a double hit of women’s sport and an emotional father/son tale.

A League of Their Own

Field of Dreams

Tuesday – Football/Soccer

My total passion in life has always been and will always be football, unfortunately it does not transfer too well onto the big screen. But again went for the women’s sport for the first in the double feature and then fandom with the brilliant Colin Firth as a die hard Arsenal fan, really capturing what it means to be a football fan.

Bend it Like Beckham

Fever Pitch

Wednesday – American Football

Another sport I don’t really know too much about but again is so brilliant in film. I went for two different approaches for the double feature the first focusing on the coaches and players of a very special team. Then the agent/player relationship with the famous “show me the money” line.

Remember the Titans

Jerry Maguire

Thursday – Basketball

I couldn’t really come up with many basketball films that would be worthy for a double feature but decided that Samuel L Jackson as a no-nonsense coach was the best for the first pick. Followed by Michael Jordan in one of the my favorite childhood films, in Space Jam – which unites the NBA with the Loony Toons!

Coach Carter

Space Jam

Friday – Dancing

Decided that dancing was a very good inclusion as so many films have been made about dancers, it was very difficult to narrow this feature day down! In the end Step Up with it having a very new approach on dance and Billy Elliot showing that a boy can go to ballet classes and succeed!

Step Up

Billy Elliot

Saturday – Boxing

Another category which was so difficult to choose, boxing films have always been a big favorite for winning and being nominated when it comes to the Oscars. I had to go for my obvious two choices, in the brilliant rags to riches tales. Everyone should already know my massive love for Million Dollar Baby.


Million Dollar Baby

Sunday – Other

For the triple play feature I had to go for other – other being sports which didn’t quite fit with the rest. Which just shows that they are rather unique in the world of film. You could not have sports films shown without the brilliant Cool Runnings being shown, Jamaica had a Bobsleigh team! Invictus was centered around the rugby world cup and helped to show the massive impact sport can have on a nation and the world! The third film has probably not been seen by many people, but it is about surfing in the UK and is actually pretty good. So a rather unknown film to finish the week!

Cool Runnings (Bobsleigh)

Invictus (Rugby)

Blue Juice (Surfing)

I hope everyone has enjoyed having a look through the films which would feature at the double feature theatre when it is devoted to Sports films. If only I could have another couple of weeks to make sure more films could be involved!

That was my take on the double feature theatre, sport @ the movies!

14 thoughts on “Double Feature Theatre

  1. Great theme! Where’s Sunday’s Ben Stiller Dodgeball craziness .. That movie is so bad that I actually like it haha

    Fever Pitch is one of my favourite books, but I never really liked the film for some reason..


    • I haven’t actually seen Dodgeball so never even thought about including it.

      I have Fever Pitch to read, but never actually got round to it.


  2. I love this list. You want to know why? Because there is no mistaking this for anyone else’s. It is most definitely your Caz. If I had to read it blind and name the Author I would be able to do it easily!!

    I think you have hit the nail on the head for personality!!

    Brilliant my old friend


    • Thanks Custard! It’s good to be able to link up my two great loves every now and then in blog posts on here :). One great thing about blogging is keeping it personal for posts when picking films, allows everyone to get to know you a little.


  3. Really great selection from sport to sport. But I’m rather intrigued by two of your choices: the fact that there’s a Ewan McGreggor surfing movie and while I loathe baseball you picked my two favorite baseball films.

    Thanks for being part of this…and if you haven’t seen Mean Machine it might be a contender should you want to add another footie film to your double header:)


    • Thanks Marc! So pleased that you came up with this brilliant idea, so many ways it could have been done.

      Yeah I have seen Mean Machine, but believe it or not it didn’t come to my head straight away when thinking of the football films. The closest choice to that was Goal! with it being around my team, lol.


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