Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Review

After being deemed unfit for military service many times, Steve Rogers (Evans) eventually manages to get himself into the army with the chance of being involved in a top-secret project. This turns him into Captain America, a superhero which couldn’t be further from his previous lifestyle.

Set at the time of the second world war when Hitler is running free and one of his followers has his own plans for world domination, only one man can make a difference and that is a kid from Brooklyn who becomes Captain America. Schmidt (Weaving) is involved in making new styles of weapons in order to dominate the world.

Schmidt was involved in a similar experiment to Steve by Dr. Abraham Erskine (Tucci) but everything went wrong when it turns out it was not ready and you have to possess certain qualities in order for it to work properly. Something that Steve already has inside of him helps in his transformation into America’s saviour.

We are introduced to a lot of different characters who all help Steve on his quest to protect and fight for his country. Peggy Carter (Atwell) who from the start is obvious that she is going to become a love interest. We have Howard Stark (Cooper) who links us into Iron Man and his son Tony Stark (which is going to be important in next years ‘The Avengers’). He is responsible for making weapons for the US and allies.

The film does have a good story-line throughout and manages to keep us entertained with not only the action element but also with the comedy side, we have some funny lines and moments to make us smile throughout. This makes sure that the film is not taken too seriously.

Knowing that this film is mainly to build up to ‘The Avengers’ next year I was constantly trying to think of links with Iron Man and Thor. The main twist in this film does not come until nearer the end, which answered a few questions I had been asking. Mainly about the time scales of the different films, as this one just didn’t fit until the very end of course.

I enjoyed Chris Evans in the lead role, thought he done a very good job as the weak guy who become the most powerful man after the experiment. He was very believable in the role and I am looking forward to seeing him as this character next year! Tommy Lee Jones is always a joy to watch as he is aging, still playing very interesting characters. Dominic Cooper seems to appear in quite a lot of films now and was very good as Stark. Hugo Weaving as the bad guy, well we cannot deny that he does that type of role so very well. He really does have a brilliant screen presence, even when he revealed his red skull face!

Not the best film in the world, but it was very enjoyable and good build up!


5 thoughts on “Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Review

  1. This does seem to be getting some mixed reviews which is a shame. I’ll still see it as I have been looking forward to it but I’ll lower my expectations a little.


  2. I think I had a pretty similar response to you: it didn’t blow my mind like I wanted it to, but it was by no means a bad movie. I’m just hoping the avengers rings it all together


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