Horrible Bosses (2011) Review

Three men each have massive problems with their bosses, and begin to think that they should do something about it. Trying to plan the murders but making it look like a total accident becomes the plan, but it’s really not that simple at all.

I was pleasantly surprised by this film, mainly because the trailer made it look funny but it lived up to being funny throughout the film as well. Even the parts in the trailer which were funny, stayed funny in the full film.

Nick (Bateman) works pretty much every hour of the day and that is still not enough for his crazy boss Harken (Spacey) who has him believing he will be getting a promotion soon. Kurt (Sudeikis) thinks he has it all made as he gets on very well with his boss Jack Pellit (Sutherland) but as he dies of a heart attack in one of the first scenes his drug taking son Bobby (Farrell) takes over the business which is the worst news for Kurt who always enjoyed his job. Dale (Day) works as a dental assistant and is being sexually harassed by his boss Dr. Julia Harris (Aniston). Which his two friends don’t see as much of a problem!

They all decide that enough is enough, and they shouldn’t have to put up with the rubbish they get from their bosses. That going to work should be a little better than it has been. They want to make changes in their lives without trying to get another job. Bring in Jamie Foxx who decides to act as their murder consultant and help them plan the perfect murders.

We do see some very funny moments throughout the film, which I won’t spoil in the review as a few of them are much better if you don’t know they are coming. But with the cast this film has, it really does make for a good film to sit and laugh at throughout. It’s not to be taken too seriously and for that very reason it is easy to enjoy.

Kevin Spacey is one of my favorite actors and to see him in a role like this is brilliant, as he really goes for it managing to be funny yet still quite evil as well. Jennifer Aniston takes a very different role to what we are used to seeing her in, which is quite strange at times. Colin Farrell also in a very unfamiliar role which makes us laugh a lot.

We do seem to be getting some rather good comedy films out at the moment, let’s hope it continues.

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