The Experiment (2010) Review

26 Men were chosen to take part in a psychological experiment in a prison taking the roles of prisoners and guards which goes too far.

When I saw the plot for this film it reminded me of studying a-level Psychology and the Stanford Prison Experiment. Which this film is loosely based on, the main difference being that in the film each of the men involved has the pull of getting $14,000 each when it is all finished.

On arriving at the destination they are split into two groups of guards and prisoners. More prisoners than there is guards, and they are given rules they must follow. The guards are told that if they do anything wrong and do not keep order the experiment will be called to an end via a red light flashing.

A psychological experiment is something that is such a difficult subject area to look into and this is a very risky film to be made. Showing the sick and awful things people will do when they are put into certain situations. How crazy it can make some people being locked away and put into the different groups.

The main problem with the film has to be the ending, they all just get back on the bus without anything happening and no debrief (and more for those who deserved it). It just seemed to be a complete waste of time in end, as I was waiting to find out the consequences the guards who lost all morals faced. Yet that did not come, I will never find myself watching this film ever again!

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