Harry Potter style 3D Glasses

When myself and my friend went to the cinema on Sunday to see Bridesmaids, we were very excited to see the Harry Potter style 3D glasses on sale. I had heard rumours that they were going to be available due to the final film being in 3D form. But that was the first I had actually seen them. So we decided to buy them despite the fact that we don’t really want to see the film in 3D or actually big fans of the 3D film! But we could not resist getting them! We then sat before the film started and took pictures in them, convinced that the other people in the cinema must have thought we were sat in the wrong screen with Bridesmaids not being in 3D . . . You even get a little bag to keep them in 🙂


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter style 3D Glasses

  1. This is awesome. I’m not sure if I would watch HP in 3-D since it was converted post production, but I would definitely buy these glasses just to have them. And who knows, years later when 3-D in your living room is a common thing, they might be handy.

    Just now realized your 30 day HP challenge. Actually watching a couple of the movies tonight, but I’ll make sure to come back and make my way through the entire month!


    • Yeah I don’t really want to see it in 3D but we are going to the midnight showing, so don’t have any choice. We couldn’t resist the glasses! They are actually much more comfortable than the standard glasses, so worth getting for that reason alone.


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