Bridesmaids (2011) Review

To start with I have to say that this film is very different from what you think it is going to be like after seeing the trailer. That’s not a bad thing at all, I laughed from start to finish whilst feeling sorry for our main character Annie.

The story was based around Annie and her best friend Lillian who gets engaged very early on in the film. Annie is therefore asked to be her maid of honour. You could put yourself in her shoes and really understand her breakdown moments of acting utterly crazy.

So many memorable funny moments including the boot-camp hiding behind a tree so they did not have to pay for the workout they were competing. Something that is so relevant at the moment with so many boot-camps going on at all different times and different places. It seems to be the in thing, I wonder if anyone has actually hide behind a tree in order to copy the work out?

We see how much pressure a wedding can put on a friendship that has been going on for pretty much ever. Annie and Lillian had been best friends since they were very young girls. The planning of the wedding and maid of honour duties really take its toll on Annie as Helen seems to be trying to take Lillian away. Using her wealth and knowledge of planning weddings in the past.

Annie does not seem to be having a good time in her life at all and everything just keeps getting worse by the second, as everything continues to fall apart around her. She hits rock bottom with her whole life and manages to push everyone who means something away from her. This is definitely something that so many people will be able to relate to, myself included. When times get tough the easiest thing to do seems to be pushing everyone away from you.

As I mentioned earlier this film is totally different from what the trailer makes you think it is. I thought it was all just going to be based around the hen night, like ‘The Hangover’ was the stag night for the men. But this film has depth which is only a good thing, a very good thing for that matter.

I really did find it laugh out loud funny which is not normally something I find with comedy films. But this one was really good from start to finish. The use of the ‘c’ word was a particular highlight as found it so unexpected! I actually want to see this film again, which is another massive compliment.

I really think it will be a massive hit for woman to have a film they can laugh at and relate to so much!

2 thoughts on “Bridesmaids (2011) Review

  1. I thought this movie had it all! I went to this movie with my boyfriend and another couple (we are all 25ish) and all 4 of us could not stop talking about the movie when it was over. It was the perfect mix of everything a good comedy should have and not to mention the whole theater was laughing out loud over and over again.


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