Whip It (2009) Review

Bliss Cavender (Page) finds herself stuck doing things she doesn’t want to but finds a release when she gets into a roller derby team.

I must start off by saying this film was much better than I could have expected. I thought something based on roller skating as a sport would not have as many good messages and a good story line. Yet this film manages that whilst having a very good sense of humour as well.

We can easily relate with Bliss on how difficult it can be being a teenager and becoming an adult. It is a strange time as you aren’t really sure what your meant to be doing with your life. But to make it all worse for Bliss her mother still treats her like a young child wanting her to participate in pageants. As that is what she used to do at her age, struggling to realise that times have changed and her daughter is not interested anymore. This gives us the difficult mother/daughter relationship which can be tested during those teenage years.

The friends Bliss makes whilst competing in the roller derby are so far from what she is used to. That could mainly be because of her lying about her age so she could be involved.  Her best friend Pash (Shawkat) was with her every step of the way driving her though to Austin. Obviously their friendship is tested when police come to one of the events.

Bliss also gets a hard look into how cruel love can be, when the guy she starts seeing lies and betrays her trust. Again that could be to do with her age, but a harsh realisation of how cruel love and dating can be. But also good to see that they didn’t go for the happily ever after moment. This film was about growing and making your own choices whilst understanding how life is not always fair and you don’t always get what you want.

Whilst watching I couldn’t help but think how much fun it looked to take part in the roller derby!

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