Green Lantern (2011) Review

Hal Jordan is a test pilot, who one night is chosen by an alien with a green ring to replace him. Along with a green lantern he gets superpowers and becomes part of a squadron who are to keep the galaxy at peace.

In all honesty I was not looking forward to seeing this film at all, as I thought the trailer made it look terrible! But I am pleased to say that I enjoyed this film from start to finish. Just proving that trailers can be so wrong, in the trailer it all looked terribly cheesy. Whereas the film had good action from start to finish along with a good plot. Starting to think that I have a bit of a soft spot for Ryan Reynolds as well.

Hector Hammond (Sarsgaard) is a scientist who whilst studying the alien found on Earth, gets contaminated with something from another alien source. This is obviously the same group which is trying to destroy the Earth. Green Lantern must then protect his planet against Hector and the other alien.

We follow Hal’s journey in becoming a Green Lantern and how if has a massive impact on his life. Helping him to overcome his personal problems, remembering his fathers death when he was on a test flight and trying to live up to his reputation. Sorting everything out with the girl in his life Carol. Who has been his best friend since childhood and always stood by him. I enjoyed seeing him train and realise how powerful he could be, whilst managing to help people out a lot. I thought that was good character development.

Ryan Reynolds seems to get quite a lot of criticism, but in all honesty I have liked quite a few of his films and thought his performance in this film was very good. I loved that Mark Strong was in it as well, I just managed to figure out it was him with his almost unrecognizable red face!

I would recommend this film and think it has done some good things for DC who seem to be getting a little left behind Marvel!

5 thoughts on “Green Lantern (2011) Review

  1. The mythology is nonsensical and the plot takes forever to get going. But once it does, the movie takes advantage of a strong cast and a director who knows what he’s doing. Good Review! Check out mine when you can!


    • I will check yours out soon :-). I just can’t get over how bad the trailer is, I’m sure it will put people off going to see this film.


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