Stepping Out (1991) Review

Liza Minnelli stars as Mavis a dance class teacher, who has her work cut out with her class. Especially as they prepare to perform at a benefit.

Throughout the film we get to know the different characters and how they have struggles in life. But the dance class they all attend together is something that gets them away from the life that is considered to be normal. Giving them something to look forward to and enjoy, whilst making friends with each other.

We find out that one woman is being beaten up by her husband, which I felt was an area they could have gone a little bit more into as it’s kinda mentioned a couple of times but not totally dealt with. But because of the dance class it looks as though she will be getting herself out of that situation.

This is a very easy to watch film, as it doesn’t really have much too it. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just makes it easy to enjoy. As you do not have to think about much of what is going on you can just enjoy it for what it is. It kind of reminded me of ‘A Chorus Line’ but not for the Broadway performers, for regular people who want to learn how to dance as a Hobby.

Liza Minnelli can do to wrong really, but I was disappointed to have to wait until the very end for her song/dance moment. Which I knew I had to be in the film somewhere!

I would recommend this film to anyone who likes theatre/dancing or musicals. Other than that I don’t think a wide audience would appreciate this film for what it is, and that’s a good time.

One thought on “Stepping Out (1991) Review

  1. I happened to catch this on TCM a couple months ago, and was completely charmed by it. Sometimes it’s those ‘simple’ little films that turn out to be the most refreshing….

    Has one of the most eclectic, FUN casts I’ve come across in QUITE a while !!

    An unexpected treat !!!


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