Stake Land (2010) Review

Martin was a normal teenage boy when a vampire epidemic swept across what is left of the nation’s abandoned towns and cities. He was saved one night by Mister, when his parents were killed by one of the vampires.

They were travelling north in order to get to New Eden, killing vampires on the way. However the vampire’s were not the only problem they faced when travelling. A crazy christian group called the Brotherhood, who believed the vampires were sent for a reason and killing then was a sin.

We watch as Martin and Mister travel through all of the different abandoned towns, very few with many people at all still living in them. Taking the back rounds to travel north, along the way they end up with a few different people travelling with them. Including a nun who is struggling with her faith and what is happening around them. We still manage to feel sorry for the boy Martin as all he keeps seeing in his life is loss of those who come into his life.

While I found the initial story line interesting, this soon vanishes as the film goes on. I found the 93 minutes to be a very long 93 minutes, when the film pretty much loses itself in the message it was starting to send. This message about how a human can survive if they really want to in times of great need.

I felt that film was trying to scare the audience more than it actually managed to, having the cliché quiet moments supposedly leading to something going to jump out. Which seemed to happen quite a lot without the actually jumpy moment taking place.

Despite not liking the film at all and wanting it to end. I actually did like the ending which left us making up our own mind what happened next. But after watching the whole film, did people want answers or were they happy with the ending?

2 thoughts on “Stake Land (2010) Review

    • I liked the ending, so open and let’s you make up your own mind. Love when films do that. But parts of this I really didn’t like.


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