Cassandra’s Dream (2007) Review

Two brothers Ian (McGregor) and Terry (Farrell) both end up having money problems. Ian wants to venture into the hotel business and Terry gambles it all away. An opportunity presents itself to get all the money they need from their rich uncle, but only if they do him a favour first. How far will they go to get the money?

This film pushes the boundaries on what extremes two men will go to, in order to sort out their financial problems. Will they be willing to kill another man in order to sort everything out. But they plan and go through with it. Although it is not that simple especially when the pressure of it all is too much for Terry to handle. Unsure of what his brother will do, Ian must make a decision on how to deal with him.

I have to admit that I have not seen many of Woody Allen’s films so cannot really compare this to his older ones. But I did find the story line to be very believable in the sense of money troubles, as lets face it who doesn’t have money problems in this day and age. There was just something that stopped me from liking this film, I just didn’t really care about the two brothers enough to fall for it all. As let’s face it they deserved to be in the situations because they got themselves there. Especially Terry with his gambling problems, it was impossible to find any sympathy for him as it was all due to his own stupidity. Where with Ian he just seemed to think too highly of himself. So they were not very likable at all. I am not complaining that they were trying to better themselves but totally going the wrong way about it.

I think that was what I found wrong with the film that the characters just weren’t one bit likable. Too far from reality for me, the mother and father were nothing characters as well. But the worst had to be the two girlfriends, they just added annoyance more than anything.

I have to say while I did not really enjoy the film at all, I very much liked the ending (which I will not spoil). I thought it was very fitting and implied that you have to be careful what you do in life as karma will eventually get to you. So the ending did impress me, but unfortunately the rest of the film did not. Forgettable is probably the best word to describe this film.

One thought on “Cassandra’s Dream (2007) Review

  1. There were some compelling bits but I agree with you, there was little to care about especially the characters. What seemed evident from the beginning was that the entire story would just end in tears. Liken it to Requiem for a Dream and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead as far as a hopelessly depressing film just no nowhere near as good.


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