High Fidelity (2000) Review

Rob (John Cusack) is a record store owner who is currently going through a break up. He finds this very difficult and looks back at his top five break ups. Trying to figure out if it is all down to him, or not.

I found this film to be funny yet heartwarming throughout, when looking back at Rob’s break ups and then seeing him attempt to grow up. Mainly by sorting out the latest break up he is going through. John Cusack really is at his best in this film.

I think what makes this film so brilliant is the fact that it is all happening to a man, and he is not coping very well. Everyone expect men to be stronger and for them to hold it together better than a woman. That is not the case in this film, it lets us know that yes men do get hurt a lot as well and it breaks them in different ways. So really when it comes to heartbreak men and women aren’t really that far apart.

Jack Black is Jack Black in this film which means he is very good! Yes it is the role we love to see him in, singing and doing his thing. Working in Rob’s record store.

In terms of relationships we get to see how men and women view them and how involved your friends can become in a break up. I did enjoy seeing Joan Cusack in this film as Liz, Laura’s best friend. Seeing her act alongside her brother for argument scenes is extra amusing, and it really makes it feel more real for the film.

I am very pleased that I have now seen this film, it took me way too long to get round to it. It was another one of those films that whilst watching I was wondering why I had never seen it before. I enjoyed it from start to finish and really do like John Cusack the more of his films I find myself watching.

You cannot really go wrong when a film is based on a book by Nick Hornby, he really does have some fantastic books out there which have been made into films. All of which have been very good films as well. Just shows what a good story can do!

I would watch this film again in the future, definitely in my like list!

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