Thor (2011) Review

The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard after dishonouring his father and sent to live among humans on Earth, without his powers!

A fantastic action film from the first few minutes right through to the end. We get to find out what would happen if Thor the God of Thunder ended up on Earth. Firstly it would be amusing due to how different the worlds are, Asgard being very old-fashioned. Hence Thor easily appearing out-of-place, whilst trying to figure out if he will ever get his power back and then be able to return home. When he is banished to Earth his hammer is also sent, and when someone is worthy of Thor’s power they will have the hammer.

The hammer being stuck reminds us very much of the sword in the stone scenario and who will be able to pull it from the ground. But it is not that simple at all, as it turns out it will only come free from the ground when someone is worthy of Thor’s powers.

Thor quickly falls in love with scientist Jane (Portman) whilst on Earth and does promise to go back for her. She has been doing research and he manages to help her out with quite a lot of it in the end. But she also helps him out to understand what love is and how much that can have an influence on your view on life. If he had not fallen for Jane he might have struggled to understand what he needed to do.

Thor’s brother Loki had betrayed their father whilst Thor was on Earth, yet Thor does not get to know the full story on what has happened. He does not fully find out what Loki’s motives were, other than trying to become king instead of Thor.

The fighting scenes throughout the film were very good, lots of different action from the very start. Very good to watch on the big screen. Definitely a film to go and see at the cinema. I found it highly entertaining and very much enjoyed it. Probably one of the best films I have seen so far this year. Makes me look forward to ‘The Avengers’ even more now!

I thought Chris Hemsworth was brilliant in the title role of Thor, making the character well and truly his own. Still managing to be so likeable despite his arrogant nature (yes I did find him very attractive as well).

My favorite film of the year so far, enjoyed from start to finish!

7 thoughts on “Thor (2011) Review

  1. Part of what I wanted from the film was a guy in armor with a giant hammer smacking frost giants in the face…and so I got that. It was a good time at the theaters, and that’s all I asked for. Good Review!


  2. You will not regret watching Thor 2011. A very well done plot and execution. The movie is backed by good CGI and performances by the actors. The only dissatisfaction that i had, was that there was more to the movie and it was over looked. More emphasis could have been laid on the time THOR spends on earth

    I do not find negative reviews about this film, even on IMDB, almost all readers providing positive feedback, for me personally that makes this film a success is, the director Kenneth Branagh is able to translate the character from the book into three main actor Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman.

    Read my personal review about Thor 2011 at :


  3. I liked the movie in general, Chris Hemsworth is a great actor an played Thor incredibly well (I didn’t know he played George Kirk in the reboot of Start Trek). The movie in definitely enjoyable, the only problem I had with it was that it felt rushed. I wanted more back story to SHIELD and more then 45 seconds of Hawkeye, but they left that to the side. Not saying it was a bad movie at all, they could have put a little more into it to take it from a very good movie in my mind to a great movie. Maybe it was that they wanted to release before Captain America did, but either way I still enjoyed the movie. When I got set up on my Blockbuster movie Pass, I rented Captain America first, and my wife instantly enjoyed it after saying she wouldn’t like it because it was an action movie. The teaser must have teased her because she wanted to see all the build up movies to the Avengers, and Thor was next on the list in my disc by mail queue. She found Iron Man steaming on the movie pass, which she said was the best movie. When she sat down to watch Thor, she never left the television, I think she has the hots for Chris Hemsworth because she wants me to bleach my hair out (aint happening). I have to admit though I am excited for the Avengers, Iron man 2 and the Hulk are next coming to the house, both of which I have seen, but at least I am getting my $10 a month out of the service. I will have to thank my coworker at DISH that convinced me to try it.


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