Hanna (2011) Review

16-year-old Hanna (Ronan) who was raised by her father Erik (Bana) to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe, tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent Marissa (Blanchett) and her operatives.

It may seem quite simple at first but there is so much we are unsure of as the story unfolds. Why is their so much interest in Hanna and how has she been trained so well from such a young age. We can easily see that she is pretty much a killing machine if anyone gets anywhere near her. But when we find out she has abnormal DNA it is obvious that there is more to her background that meets the eye.

We slowly find out that her mother was killed when she was a year old, but also that Hanna was part of an experiment. An experiment to see if it is possible for someone to have their DNA altered to be stronger, faster and able to become a solider. But that obviously takes away other aspects from her, like anything to do with people. She has not been brought up around anyone but her father so is not used to communicating with people.

She does show that it would be possible for her to have a more normal lifestyle when she makes a friend with a girl of the same age, and becomes quite close to the family. But in the end her ruthless nature comes through as she attacks the men who have been following them.

I have to admit though that I really did find the first probably half an hour of the film extremely strange as I had no idea at all what was going on. Throughout the film as well I still was rather unsure of what exactly was going on, as it all seemed so random. It also left us with a lot of unanswered questions which should have been addressed to make more sense in parts. I guess I just found a lot of it too far fetched. Not a film I am in any hurry to see again!

Performance wise I always enjoy Cate Blanchett no matter what role she is in, and I did in this film too. Eric Bana wasn’t in it enough for me. Saoirse Ronan seems to end up in some quite strange roles and this film is no different for that. She does well to carry the film really.

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