Something Borrowed (2011) Review

Rachel (Goodwin) and Darcy (Hudson) have been best friends since they were children, but will they always be best friends? That is the question which we end up being faced with when we find out the true story behind Darcy’s fiance Dex (Egglesfield) and his long friendship with Rachel as they met in Law School.

We also have the inclusion of Ethan (Krainski) who is Rachel’s best male friend, and also adds some very good comedy value throughout the film. But also some very heartwarming moments too. From the beginning we were not meant to like Darcy at all, or at least myself and two friends I went to see this film with didn’t. We found her very self centered and obnoxious towards her best friend whilst supposed to be throwing her a birthday party.

I think that shaped up how we would then find the events which would occur after the party. Rachel and Dex (Darcy’s fiance) met at Law school and were very close. Obviously Rachel had feelings for him and the night of her 30th birthday party she admitted that she had such a crush on him. Dex being a typical man did not realise any of this. Cue kissing in a taxi and then spending the night together at Rachel’s place.

We should think Rachel and Dex are the worst people in the world when they both have a lot of missed calls and messages from Darcy, but I really did not. We were then taken on a journey with Rachel who was trying to make sense of it all the following day and coming across so many small memories which we were able to see in flashback form. I’ve had something similar happen, when small little reminders are put right in front of you after something happens. So thought that was a good way for us to see how they did not end up together in the first place.

A lot of lying then comes after this and we are kept guessing whether or not Dex will call of the wedding and be with Rachel properly. I quite longed for that to happen but at the same time was unsure to what was going to happen. I thought the film dealt with a lot of issues which seem to be very common now, in terms of cheating and giving up. I liked that different characters at different times actually went for it unsure of the outcome but saying that at least they gave it a shot.

Ethan and his talk with Rachel when she went to see him in London was quite unexpected, and for a few moments I actually thought the film was going to make a massive u-turn and make them end up together (which my friend said about 5 minutes into the film). But so pleased they left it with that.

The fall out between Rachel and Darcy wasn’t exactly how I expected it to go. With Darcy’s shock revelation, but I had guessed who her affair was with. Which made a lot of what Darcy said when she found out double standards. The “I hate you” was probably the best bit of acting Hudson done in the whole film.

Overall I quite liked this film, for a rom-com was very modern and raised some very good points to me and made me think about my own life and what is going on in it. Although I guess a concern that this film glorifies cheating and that you will get exactly what you want in the end, which is not usually the case. I will watch this again though when it comes on TV.

5 thoughts on “Something Borrowed (2011) Review

  1. Since you liked “Something Borrowed,” I’ll try very hard to tone down my hatred for it. My main beef with the film was that the “hero” and “heroine” are so completely spineless and passive. They deserve each other, really. And I hated the way Ethan is written out once his usefulness is over — it’s cruel and unusual.


    • Yeah I can totally see what you mean, you didn’t have to downplay your hatred! I just think in some strange way I related with the main character as strange as that may sound.


    • Yeah I know what you mean, I think I was having a funny Sunday afternoon when I went to see this film. I related to what some of the characters were going through.


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