Get Him to the Greek (2010) Review

We first met Aldous Snow (Brand) in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and get to know more about him in this pretty crazy comedy. Aaron Green (Hill) has the task of getting Snow from London to LA for an anniversary concert, sounds so simple . . .

Sounds simple enough for Aaron to get Aldous onto a flight to New York for an interview prior to the LA gig. But the style of Aldous’ rock and roll life style which he constantly drinks and takes drunks proves to make it more difficult for Aaron. Who tries to gain his trust in many different ways.

We see the break up Aldous suffers from his long-term partner Jackie Q who was also a singer. This hits him very hard and that is what starts his drinking life style again. We are taken on quite a journey in which he manages to find himself again after a very unsuccessful last album. He must realise what the music meant to him again. Ok so maybe I have gone a little bit deep with that, but all of that does manage to come across in this film.

I have to admit that while I did find this film funny and amusing throughout I was still a little but disappointed as I really did love Forgetting Sarah Marshall and consider it to be one of my favorite comedies. I expected slightly more or maybe too much as this is still a funny comedy. I know that’s the point of comedies but it does seem to get harder to find them funny.

I think Brand is just fantastic at what he does and how he manages to do it, maybe he isn’t too far from what he is like in real life. But I think that really does add to his acting charming as we will never know what he is really like. Sean Combes aka P Diddy was rather crazy in the film, I didn’t like his character at all thought he was too over the top.

Overall I probably would give this a second viewing.

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