A Life in Movies

The latest blogathon event around the film-blogging world is ‘A Life in Movies’ this quite simply means I have picked a film from each since I was born. That year being 1987. The approach I have taken to this post is to document the films which have meant something to me. Mainly from that time (although the first couple of years will be that I watched them when old enough to remember).

I always enjoy doing blog posts like this one as it always lets you take a trip down memory lane when it comes to certain films. Also the thought of then posting them the same day as many other blogs and then having the chance to compare and see if they have chosen any of the same films in their list as well.

Most of the films in my list consist of my most watched films ever. Mainly because of over watching as a child and not being able to pass the film over if it is on TV now. So here goes my life in movies . . .

1987 – Dirty Dancing

Back in the days of VHS and recording things from the TV onto them to watch over and over again. My mam must have recorded Dirty Dancing but it got recorded over the top of with The Simpsons (most likely) but the ending with the lift was somehow still left on the video. Therefore I have probably seen that part of the film more than the whole film. But in all honesty I have really grown to love this film over the years, and yes even cried at it!

1988 – Big

Let’s face it at some point as a child you wish you were an adult as they seem to be able to do whatever they want when they want to. Ok once you grow up you realise that it is not that simple, but if you were still a child and got the chance to grow up for a little while, ‘Big’ would be the result! Especially the piano scene which is the best (hence the picture).

1989 – Batman

As you may or may not already know Jack Nicholson is my favorite actor ever, and I have always been such a big fan of Batman. Watched this film from such a young age and cannot resist it now, seems to just get better all the time. The original joker is still so brilliant with the comic book feel kept to it.

1990 – Home Alone

Probably one of the first films I can remember watching as a child, how much trouble can you get yourself into when left home alone? Probably not quite on the same scale as Kevin, but I am pretty sure things would get broken. We all wanted to be left alone and have fun like Kevin did. I still want to try a sledge straight out of the front door when it is snowing, come on it has to work right? Ok maybe not, but this film does have some nice messages with it as well so it’s not just all a kids film. Adults love it as well, hence it still being so popular now. Especially at Christmas time.

1991 – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

This is a film I can also remember watching from such a young age, which is probably not very common for a young child to watch it but I just loved it from the first moment. Found it funny at times and loved the action scenes in it. Still have such a soft spot for this film now despite all of the things said about Kevin Costner and his accent, that really doesn’t matter to me, I will always love this film and for introducing me to Bryan Adams with Everything I do, I do it for you.

1992 – Aladdin

The first film I ever saw at the cinema and I went to see it twice. I was such a big fan of Aladdin I even had a slightly creepy Aladdin doll. But unfortunately don’t think I have it anymore, lol. I haven’t actually seen this film for years now, I really should make a big effort to watch it again. Robin Williams as the genie was the start of more well-known actors getting into animation, and we all know how that went (and is still going). Got to love Disney with songs and humour in.

1993 – Mrs Doubtfire

One of my all time favorite films, which also seems to get better on each viewing. Yes I cannot help it, really it does get better. It has something for everyone, all ages are catered for with this film. Which is why I think it still works watching it now, you see something different watching as an adult that you do as a child. By no means in a bad way, you just get the nice messages it was sending about parents splitting up a bit more than when younger. I guess I really did love Robin Williams when I was younger!

1994 – The Mask

I seemed to have a phase when I loved Jim Carrey’s films and ‘The Mask’ really still has to be his best comedic work on film. So original and hilarious from start to finish. So many brilliant quotes to copy and moments to remember. Something for children and adults with the humour in this film.

1995 – Toy Story

Possibly everyone’s favorite animated film, or at least Pixar film. The first and still the best in my eyes. Every child wants to think that their toys really do come to life and have adventures when they are not around, and this film lets us into the secrets of what our toys get up to. Story of friendship, working together and how you felt about your toys as a child.

1996 – The Nutty Professor

This may seem like a strange choice, but it really was such a big hit at the time. I have a feeling if I watched it again now I probably won’t like it anymore but at the time I love it. I thought Eddie Murphy was just brilliant and that this was one of the funniest films I had ever seen. I don’t think that statement stands anymore, but this film was important showing how many roles Murphy took on within the Klump family!

1997 – Titanic

Yes this was very much the biggest hit until Avatar, and I went to see this at the cinema. I remember having to hide somewhere while the tickets were bought as I was too young to get into a 12 . . . well before the times of the new 12 a. But I had to see it Di Caprio was the IT actor a the time and it was the most talked about film! Although I havent appreciated it as much as I do now, or in recent years. Yes I get the love story more now and it really does break my heart when she lets Jack go. At 9/10 the age I would have been seeing this in the cinema I did not cry, as lets face it I didn’t really care about love or the love story in this film.

1998 – Elizabeth

This is in the list due to the fact that I always had such an interest in Henry the eighth, therefore Elizabeth being his daughter, and how England would have been in those times. I think Cate Blanchett is just fantastic in the role and this film really is just a brilliant period drama.

1999 – American Pie

Can remember this being such a big hit and everyone trying to get into the cinema to see it, which I don’t think would have happened at all. But we did all get to watch it eventually and it really did become such a cult hit.

2000 – Meet the Parents

Another comedy which was at the time my favorite and funniest thing I had ever seen. But as sad as it sounds at the time I did not know too much about DeNiro, so I actually find him funnier in it now because I have seen so many of his earlier films now. I guess I had a Ben Stiller phase looking that two of his films have made my list!

2001 – Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

There has to be one film in everyone’s life that changes the way they think about films, and this is the one for me. I remember going to see it at the cinema just before Christmas yet not being too sure what it was all about. Except that it was the first of three films. Yes that sounds so bad, I knew it was based on a book as well but had never read it. Yet this film changed everything, it became my favorite film and encouraged me to really get into films. I also started reading the books which lets face it are not the easiest to read but this film, the adventure, the characters, the scenery in them, the action really took my breath away. Still probably my favorite out of all the series.

2002 – Chicago

Give ’em the old razzle dazzle, razzle dazzle ’em . . . that’s what Chicago really done to me, starting off two different things my fandom of Catherine Zeta Jones and a new found love for musicals. Not just the films but stage musicals too. I have now seen Chicago three times on the stage and hold this film in such high regard. I used to watch it over and over again when I got the DVD and find it such a joy to watch and all that jazz.

2003 – Finding Nemo

I regard this as my favorite animated film, because I fell in love with it as soon as I first saw it. Such a cute story and adventure with so many characters on the way. A father’s journey across the ocean he is so scared of in order to find his young son and bring him back after he was caught by a diver.

2004 – Million Dollar Baby

An obvious choice with this being my current all time favorite film and has not budged off the top spot since I first saw it and it ripped my heart apart. The determination of Maggie is something I can relate to and understand how she is feeling, to want to be the best and achieve her dream. The relationship between Maggie and Frankie is also so heartwarming as we learn he has an estranged daughter, while we do not find out the full story it is clear that he becomes a father figure to Maggie.

2005 – Walk the Line

This film introduced me to the legend that is Johnny Cash, learning to appreciate his music and what he went through in his life. Such a fantastic love story between Johnny and June Carter, with some brilliant music to go with it. Incredible performances from Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.

2006 – Casino Royale

The return of Bond, but a new Bond, blond Bond . . . Daniel Craig’s first appearance as James Bond really had be sitting up and paying attention. Yes I was totally gone and sold by the time he came walking out of the water, the body just incredible. But enough of me being shallow, I also thought his acting was just brilliant. Great action in the film with a very solid storyline to go with it, many twists and turns throughout. My Daniel Craig fandom really did start with this film.

2007 – Juno

I still think this film is so groundbreaking in so many different ways. The sarcasm from Juno throughout, the teenage girl who becomes pregnant after sex the first time. Who attempts to have an abortion but cannot go through with it and then decides to help out a married couple who long for a baby. Obviously it is not as simple as it all sounds with emotions getting in the way and the married couple not being as they first appear. But a film with an incredible message and a massive heart.

2008 – The Dark Knight

I went to see this film three times at the cinema (my record for one film) and I loved it each time. It had the Heath Ledger factor for so many with his untimely death occurring before the film was released and the curiosity of bringing back the Joker. But not only that Ledger is unreal, the rest of the cast are as well. The storyline is just fantastic with so much action and things happening throughout it really is a masterpiece of a film, which manged to relate to the current real world so much throughout. Bruce Wayne even has problems with being Batman and must re-evaluate the situation.

2009 – An Education

This is the only film in the list that I have only seen once. But that one time I have seen this film was more than enough to make me think of it straight away to have in this list. I was so moved and emotionally involved in the story from start to finish. I actually wish I had seen the ending coming as I probably would have turned it off. Watching someone have their heart-broken so close to when I had mine broken was such an emotional journey to have. When she was crying, I was crying as well. I have no idea if I was crying at the film, for the character or for my own life. Maybe all three rolled into one. So this film in recent years has really affected me more than any other, but I really do want to give it a second viewing now.

2010 – Toy Story 3

“Move out of the way kids, i’ve waited 10 years to see Toy Story 3” – nothing could be truer than that statement. It was a long wait for the third installment of Toy Story and wow it was so worth it. I’ve never felt so emotional watching an animated film and I don’t think I ever will again. I don’t think anything can really prepare you for what your about to watch unfold. The journey we have been on with the Toys since it first came out 15 years before this one! Lets face it this one really wasn’t aimed at young children now, it was aimed at those of us who were young when the first one came out and how we felt getting rid of our toys as we grew up. We all knew exactly what Andy was feeling!

21 thoughts on “A Life in Movies

  1. Some great choices there Caz. We share some and some are really different. I enjoyed seeing a little bit of what makes you as a film lover.

    Thanks for sharing.



    • Thanks. That’s what I decided to try and get into it the films which I loved at the time and which have had the biggest affect on my love for film.


  2. Nice list. I can totally relate to many movies on your list but especially Dirty Dancing. Its a way under rated film and deserves a whole lot more recognintion than it gets. Love that finale!


    • Thanks! Yeah it really is so underrated. Although I will admit that I hate “nobody puts Baby in the corner” line makes me cringe.


  3. Nice picks! We have a few the same (my post is going up at mid-day to conincide with Andy’s). Nice to know someone shares my favourite films


    • Really enjoyed taking part Andy, made me really think about how certain films have had such an effect on my love for film as a whole.

      Also inspired a lot more blog posts to come soon!


  4. I love that I can almost pinpoint the spot where your tastes moved away from the fun stuff into the more quote-unquote serious fare – right around 2004.

    The Robin Hood selection is choice. Haters be damned – it’s a hell of a ride, and Rickman owns the screen. A bit shocked at the near-overwhelming love for Home Alone on so many lists. Glad, but shocked anyway. I figured people had turned on that movie and considered it too childish to love anymore. Not so!


    • Just shows that I had grown up doesn’t it when as you said my tastes changed. I found doing this blog post such a good journey back looking at some films I don’t watch any more.

      Yeah Home Alone seems to have a cult status now!


  5. Oh boy! Way to go giving nods to Batman, Prince of Thieves and Juno:)

    I had Finding Nemo as an honorable mention but really like that you put The Mask and The Nutty Professor (that’s my all time fav Eddie Murphy flick)


    • Thanks, I found some of the choices difficult and some not so much. I was really trying to think what was my favorite from that time and I think it worked out pretty well. Some good memories to go with them too!


  6. Oh my God! This is an awesome list! I remember watching Big in the later years and was gushed seeing the young Tom Hanks 🙂

    You mentioned that the movies in my list were so close to being on yours, right? Well, likewise! I just realized I should’ve put honorable mentions in my blog, especially for these movies you mentioned here:

    – Mrs.Doubtfire >> this is the movie that made me fell in love with Mr.Williams for sure!

    – Titanic >> I pretty much emptied boxes of tissues thanks to this movie.

    – Finding Nemo >> I never get tired watching this movie, mostly thanks to Dory 🙂

    – Juno: A film with a massive heart, indeed. That scene where she went into labor and those sweet moments after wards with her father and Michael Cera’s character (I forgot his name) was so memorable, it gave me chills!!

    You have a great taste in movies 😉


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