Arthur (2011) Review

Arthur (Brand) is a loveable billionaire who after many different antics must now marry a woman he hates in order to keep the family fortune he has grown so fond of spending.

I must first admit that I do have such a soft spot for Russell Brand so most probably enjoyed this film more than people who are not so fond of him. I did find the film rather cute and charming at times.

Arthur who becomes engaged to Susan (Garner) after his mother Vivienne (James) advises him that he will be cut off from the money if he does not marry her. In the mean time Arthur meets Naomi (Gerwig) who he quickly falls in love with, leaving himself with a very difficult dilemma.

Arthur has never known life without money or people helping him, especially his nanny Hobson (Mirren) and driver Bitterman (Guzman). Who are very much his only family, as his mother did not seem to want to have anything to do with him whilst he was growing up leaving it all to Hobson. When he finds out that she is sick, the roles are reversed and Arthur looks after Hobson.

This is such a big turning point for Arthur who was also trying to enter the working world in order to be with Naomi and not need the money he was born into anymore. This all proves very difficult for Arthur who really grew up in a massive bubble. His heart was always in the right place, he used to randomly give people money as well.

While the majority of the story was pretty obvious it did not take anything away from the film, which from my point of view wasn’t terrible. I think it managed to stay cute and charming throughout and it just really worked well as a whole. I think the chemistry between Brand and Mirren was so good yet effortless also added to the charm.

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