The Greatest (2009) Review

When Bennett was killed in a car crash, we take a look into how his family and girlfriend deal with the grief his death brings them.

Allen and Grace both deal with their son’s death in very different ways. This causes them to be pushed even further apart as they can no longer communicate with one another without arguing. Allen takes the approach of holding it all in and changing the subject whenever Bennett’s name is mentioned. While Grace is obsessed with it, wakes up crying and goes to the hospital constantly to ask about her sons final moments and hoping the man who was in the lorry will come out of a coma so she can talk to him.

Rose who was going out with Bennett and after having sex with him, is now pregnant and plans on keeping the baby. She is taken in by Allen and Grace as she has no where else to live and no money to go with it. We are shown in flashbacks the relationship she had with Bennett and how they did not have as much time together as they would have wanted.

Bennett’s brother Ryan is also struggling with his grief and attends a support group for young people his age who have lost a close family member. He doesn’t want to talk about it though, even with the group he makes out that he is alright with it all, when deep down he is far from it.

We are taken on the very emotional journey with the family with an insight into how we can come to terms with a loss as big as this. It is more about having to accept it all than being able to do anything else about it. They are pushed to the limits in terms of nearly falling out with one another, as they all handle it differently.

Grace will not give Rose a chance at all, she does not want to know anything about the baby (or indeed want her to have it). Eventually though she sees sense and realizes that her son loved Rose, and she loved him in return. This all happens after she speaks to the lorry driver who tells her the truth about her son’s final moments. We are shown that Rose has a baby book, and struggles to fill in all of the information about Bennett. Eventually the family tell her everything about him so she can feel as though she knew him even better.

I found this film to be difficult to watch at times due to the grief the characters are going through. I found it to be full of very strong performances as it can not be easy to get those emotions to come across. This does help my fandom of Carey Mulligan grow stronger, she really has been just fantastic in every film I have seen her in. Definitely my favorite young actress out there at the moment. I thought Susan Sarandon and Pierce Brosnan worked really well as husband and wife, who eventually broke through to each other as they really could not understand the way the other was reacting to it all. Johnny Simmons was also impressive as the brother, who seemed to have the world against him but appeared not to care!

I would say this is a very underrated film!

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