Top 10 – Best Films of 2010

The 10 films I found the best from the year 2010. I think overall it has been a pretty good year for film, so I probably could have had more than 10 on this list! I have managed to see 41 films from the year 2010, so picked my 10 best from those!

A couple of the films which have made the list managed to surprise me as I might not have been expecting very much from them before watching them.

10. Burlesque (Review)

As you may already know I have such a weakness for musicals, and this one was no different! I really did enjoy this found it easy to watch with some fantastic musical numbers.

9. Conviction (Review)

I found this film to be very underrated and not talked about very much, was only on at my cinema for two weeks! Swank delivers yet again in a film where you really do find yourself routing and hoping for them.

8. The Fighter (Review)

The story of Micky Ward is a very inspiring one, for many different reasons. Most of those reasons are to do with his family, who appear to keep pushing him in the wrong direction. But when everyone is eventually on the same page and his brother Dicky sorts himself out, everything begins to work out.

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (Review)

The beginning of the end as it were. We are entering the final chapter of the Potter series, and it certainly has got better and darker as it has gone on. We have seen the characters grow up and into the people they were born to be. Unbelievable how utterly depressing this is from start to finish but so good at the same time.

6. The King’s Speech (Review)

We are taken on the journey of becoming King with Bertie. He was never expecting to become King, until his brother abdicated the throne and he had to step into his shoes. Difficult enough becoming King, Bertie had a speech problem to overcome and address his people when they needed him most.

5. Toy Story 3 (Review)

Our favorite toys came back for another fine adventure, yet we all felt like Andy did having to say goodbye to them as he was ready to go away to college. This film really does have everything and has been named film of the year because of the massively positive reviews and ratings it has been receiving. Brilliant, but I do not appreciate Pixar’s attempts at making me cry!

4. Shutter Island (Review)

This film was one of the first to come out in 2010, and I think it was forgotten about way too quickly. I found it mind bending and incredible with the twist at the end. Brilliant performances as well. I feel it should have been recognized in awards season!

3. True Grit (Review)

I liked this film so much more than I ever expected too. The performances from each member of the cast were just incredible. A fantastic story of retribution.

2. Inception

Mind-bending and incredible would be the best two words to describe this much talked about film. It managed to confuse everyone and will have everyone arguing over the ending for years to come.

1. Black Swan (Review)

Haunting. Another film which will have people arguing about the ending, but with this film a lot of it allowed you to see what you wanted to see and believe. It really did get into your head and messed it up. We felt for Nina and lived through her whilst watching.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 – Best Films of 2010

  1. I agree, conviction was soooo underrated and actually I think it was the best movie of 2010 which are from true events


  2. Although heavily flawed, I must also admit I very much liked Shutter Island, the overal ‘feel’ of it kept me gripped throughout. However I felt Conviction missed an opportunity to be a great film by attempting to stick too close to the original material, shame as I’m full of man love for Rockwell


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