Winter’s Bone (2010) Review

17-year-old Ree (Lawrence) faces tough times as she must look after her 12-year-old brother, 8-year-old sister and sick mother. She manages to get herself into all kinds of trouble when searching for her drug dealing father.

This film takes us on a journey with Ree trying to uncover the truth to the whereabouts of her father. Entering into some very dangerous places with the people who live so close by! Getting herself into trouble and being beaten up. Her Uncle Teardrop (Hawkes) appears to warn her at first and leave it all well alone. But he does eventually begin to help her.

My favorite scene had to be seeing Ree attempting to enlist in the army, so she could get the money to help out her family. She really would do anything to get the money in order for her brother and sister to be alright and keep the house they currently live in. The disappointed look when she was told at 17 she is still seen as a minor really was quite heartbreaking. I really do love the determination Ree shows throughout the film, trying to ensure her brother and sisters safety.

This film really does contain a few scenes which are difficult to watch, especially the boat scene with the hands. I won’t go into anymore detail than that, but if you have seen this film you will know exactly what I am talking about!

Lawrence and Hawkes both received Oscar nominations for their very solid performances. They really did create good chemistry together for the roles. Lawrence who I thought looked too old to be 17, so if that was not stated clearly in the film I would have assumed she was in her twenties. But I guess that is because the character has had to grow up very fast.

The film is also up for the best picture Oscar which I think would be a massive outside bet. I did not really enjoy watching this film, as found too many parts of it disturbing. Plus we never really got the full story.

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