The Social Network (2010) Review

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and became the youngest billionaire in the world. This film takes us on the journey on how it was created.

I have to admit that this film was a lot different to how I expected it to be. I thought a film about Facebook, how silly is that. But I will admit when I am wrong, it is not so much about Facebook, more about how if affected the lives of those who created it and spent all of their time developing it. Giving you the feeling that you could have easily came up with the idea for it all.

It all begins with Mark being dumped by his girlfriend, or the girl he was dating. This lead to blogging about it, which then lead to setting up a site called Facemash which compared girls from Harvard allowing viewers to vote. The website was not up for many hours when it managed to crash the servers.

Along with his best friend Eduardo Saverin (Garfield) they begin setting up thefacebook. Starting only with Harvard email addresses, which was kind of like what Mark was supposed to be setting up for the Winklevoss twins. Which are part of the present day in the film, as Mark is involved in a lawsuit with them and one with his former best friend Eduardo.

Something I found very clever about the film had to be when seeing people on Facebook and realising that was something I had done myself when using it. Especially the ending when Mark added his former girlfriend as a friend and sat refreshing the page, he would have known if she rejected his request if the request disappeared without being friends. Also the first time they heard someone use the term “Facebook you” as that is very common now.

When Sean Parker (Timberlake) appeared in the film, when he caught a glimpse of Facebook and wanted to get involved. You kind of always had a feeling that he would cause the rift between Mark and Eduardo. As Eduardo did not like Sean from the start, he seemed to feel that Sean was trying to steal it all. Especially when he started setting up meetings, which actually turned out to be successful.

I have been a member since January 2007, so pretty early on and registered with my University email address at the time. In all honesty had no idea how big it would become or how far it had already come! While we do not know how much of this film is fact and how much is fiction it doesn’t really matter too much. We are shown how something that has effect millions of people all over the world took off, cost friendships and created legal battles.

I thought performance wise the cast were all very good and worked so well together. I thought Andrew Garfield was possibly the best and very surprised to see him not nominated for an Oscar! Jesse Eisenberg was brilliant as Mark, while not particularly likable you still had some respect for him as he was so far ahead of anyone else when it came to computers. Justin Timberlake was very surprising as Sean Parker, with a lot of charisma.

This is not the film that you think it is going to be – as I thought it was going to be something completely different. I missed it at the cinema and was very surprised when it started getting nominated at all the awards shows. Which made me make an effort to actually watch the film! I very much like the format they done it in, with the lawsuits going on and flashbacks to the key events which took place during the creation and evaluation of something very special.

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