Top 10 – Anti-Valentine’s Day Films

Well let’s just say that I pretty much hate Valentine’s Day! So decided to do an anti-Valentine’s day list of films, because lets face it real life isn’t all flowers and chocolates! People get hurt and hearts are broken, so I don’t understand why we should have one day that is supposed to be when we declare our love for someone?!?! If we truly loved them wouldn’t we just randomly buy them gifts and tell them of our love whenever we felt like it?

Anyway check out the following 10 films which have made my list . . . not for the people wanting to see love in a nice way with the happily ever after ending!!!

What are your favorites?

10. Swimfan (2002)

Well stalking would be another title that this film could have gone under. I actually remember going to see this in the cinema when we were all still at school. Total psycho comes to mind when thinking about the girl in the film. She stalks the guy and tries her best to blackmail him. Not one for loving couples to watch!

9.  (500) Days of Summer (2009) Review

As we are reminded throughout this is not a love story, well we certainly find that out the hard way. It helps to show us that sometimes you are just not meant to be with someone, even if it feels right for you. It just doesn’t for them. Sometimes this just feels like a rom-com but trust me it isn’t at all. Yes it is funny, but it also deals with rejection and having to get over a broken heart. I really do love this film as it feels more real than all of the rom-com’s we are subjected to now.

8. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Yes this is often seen as a great love story, but is it really? It has the worst ending as we know how they feel about each other but they cannot be together, then ultimately Jack’s death stops it all together to leave Ennis all alone in the world.

7. American Beauty (1999) Review

A mid-life crisis and a married couple who cannot even speak to each other without shouting. Not the best advert for marriage for even having a family. We are shown once you do that you will no longer have a life anymore and you just exist, rather than live.

6. An Education (2009) Review

I found myself hurting whilst watching this film, probably bad timing to watch someone having their heartbroken when mine had been broken not long before. It was even worse as was so unexpected. So this would not be recommend for any couple starting out, especially a young couple.

5. Unfaithful (2002) Review

A woman cheating on her husband, when we are used to hearing about it more the other way round. Why anyone would cheat on Richard Gere is beyond me but never mind. Not a nice film for a married couple to watch, might start making them doubt their partner.

4. Revolutionary Road (2008) Review

We see the nice side of young love and getting to know each other, but we also see that being together for too long can drive you apart. We watch as this couple start to destroy each other and fight all the time. The emotions shown are so intense it makes us feel bad for watching their lives unravel before our eyes. Another that does not have a happy ending.

3. The War of the Roses (1989)

Again with this couple we see them fall in love and being unable to keep their hands of each other. But as they get older and realize things they have sacrificed for one another they start to really hate the sight of each other. Begin to argue and start to get a divorce, only problem is neither of them want to leave the house they live in. Another not happy ending!

2. Fatal Attraction (1987)

We all know the term “bunny boiler” and that it came from this film with Glenn Close’s character. Who after a one night stand with Michael Douglas starts to stalk him and claim she is in love with him. Doing some damn right crazy things along the way, including the bunny incident.

1. Closer (2004) Review

The lives of 4 people/2 couples cross over and cheating occurs! It’s not so much about love but about sex and how that can drive people apart, yet keep them together as well. We hear the term love but is it real love? Well it’s hard to tell. Quite wrong that I do see this film to be more real than any about love. It just has so much truth in it!

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