Precious (2009) Review

In Harlem an overweight and illiterate 16 year old is pregnant with her second child, gets kicked out of school and must attend an alternate school to give her a chance to turn her life around.

Precious as been mentally and physically abused from such a young age, her own father is the father of her two children. Her mother then used to mentally abuse her whilst throwing things and beating her up. Calling her for stealing her man. All of this is so difficult to watch, we see how Precious would block it all out in fantasy’s where she was famous and loved by everyone.

Ms. Rain the teacher at the alternate school who is teaching Precious and a group how to read and write really becomes the woman who helps to save Precious from her nightmare living with her mother. Another person who helps is Ms. Weiss at the Welfare office. Both of these women are totally shocked by the things Precious has been subjected to and really want to help her.

But just as we think Precious has managed to turn a corner, living with Ms. Rain until she can find somewhere else. Her mother is back to tell her that her father died, and that he was HIV positive. Yet again everything is against Precious. This is not the last time that she sees her mother though. The next and final time we see the monster is when Ms. Weiss arranges a meeting. This is when we have a break through or break down from her mother. Crying and telling us that she did not want her baby to be hurt, yet she let it all happen over and over again. In a strange way I felt a little bit sorry for her as wrong as it is to say that. But in that scene we see why Mo’Nique won the Oscar and pretty much every other award to go with it.

Performances were strong from the rest of the cast as well, even Mariah Carey who is almost unrecognizable puts in a fantastic performance. A break out role for Gabourey Sidibe who we cannot help to feel utterly sorry for throughout the entire film.

Such a difficult subject matter to place in a film and I think this is one of those films that I will not be watching for a second time. Once is enough to go through the emotions and awful subject of incest and rape.

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