A Little Bit of Heaven (2011) Review

Marley Corbett (Hudson) is a very successful yet guarded woman who finds out she is dying of cancer, but doctor Julian Goldstein (Bernal) makes her face something scarier than death, falling in love.

Marley was carefree, successful at work and used to have casual sex and never interested in a relationship or letting herself fall in love. Everything in her world is flipped upside down when she finds out she has cancer, especially when she is at the worst stage for survival rate. Julian just happens to be her doctor who ends up giving her a final wish of love.

We are taken on the incredibly emotional journey with Marley as she must face dying and spending time with her friends, mother and reconciling with her father before it’s all too late. Don’t get the wrong impression that it is all doom and gloom, this film still manages the funny moments with brilliant lines at the right times. Marley just wants to make sure that everyone is going to be alright after she has gone, especially her mother.

You will laugh at this film, but you will also cry. I was trying so hard to stop myself from crying but it really is impossible. You cannot help but really feel for Marley and hope that she will get a miracle cure. Scenes saying goodbye to loved ones and eventually admitting that she is in love are particularly heart wrenching. Marley still manages to remain upbeat and her fun self despite what she faces.

Another scene I found heartbreaking yet lovely at the same time was with her father, when he eventually managed to show emotion. Although we are not told the full story, we can work out that he has never really been there for her after leaving her mother. It makes you think and wonder how you would react if you were Marley, but that is something you can never truly know unless it happens to you.

Be ready to cry at this film, but it is enjoyable at the same time. We can all open up to love and must before it is too late.

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