The Box (2009) Review

A small wooden box arrives on the doorstep of a married couple, who know that pressing the button will grant them a million dollars and kill someone they don’t know.

But was it really that simple if they press the button? Of course not! Everything from the moment you receive the box is a test, if you press the button you fail the test. It means you are willing to have another person die. The moral issues raised in this film really do form real thinking points about what people are willing to do for financial gain and being able to better themselves for someone they do not know to lose their life.

Norma and Arthur debate for while whether to press the button, but Norma eventually does press it. Leading to the arrival of Arlington Steward with the $1 million dollars in a suitcase. But can they keep it all a secret and can their conscious take it all? Well yes and no, but everyone seems to be looking at them and against them. That’s more tests that they face. It’s obviously not going to all be great for them since pressing the button and getting the money. They failed the test remember . . .

I found this film very strange from the moment Frank Langella appeared with half of his face missing! And the whole side story line about Cameron Diaz’s strange foot. I found the amount of music played throughout the film rather distracting even if it was an attempt to add more drama to the scenes, for me that did not work and just made some scenes laughable. The nosebleed’s the “employees” would get was rather odd too.

I still thought the basic storyline of the moral dilemmas and the choice that has to be made at the end (I shall not spoil that) was a very good idea for a film, but did not really work out too well. I am a fan of psychological thrillers as they can really get under your skin, make you think and even jump too. But this film was missing something that I cannot quite explain.

This is not what it appears to be in the trailer, it is deeper and stranger than you can possibly imagine. Just don’t let the music put you off!

5 thoughts on “The Box (2009) Review

  1. I was one of the few people who really liked this film back when it came out. It’s definitely weird, but I found it really creepy and unsettling – I also think it’s one of Diaz’s only good performances


  2. It wasn’t on my favourite list at all.

    I was really looking forward to it. But at times it did feel rather dragged out. Would have been better as a one off tv episode. Am I right in thinking it is adapted from a very short story.

    you are right in the moral dilemma being interesting. 3/5 from me

    Nice review!!


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