The Next Three Days (2010) Review

John (Crowe) must deal with his wife Lara (Banks) spending her life in prison after she was convicted of murder.

The story flashes backwards and forwards as we see the events which occurred in the past three years, then to the present day and the next three days which become so crucial in John’s plan to break his wife out of a high security prison. We see John being dragged into a crazy world which could not be any further away from his previously quiet life as a lecturer and looking after his son.

He forms a very elaborate plan to set his wife free after meeting Damon (Neeson) who had written books about how he managed to escape from prison. John had to sell everything he owned and spend so much time figuring out how everything about the prison and people visiting the prison worked on certain days.

Throughout the film I was doubting whether his wife was innocent especially in the scene when she seemed to admit that she had done it! So that factor kind of confused me and that all he was putting himself through was for nothing, but that did not really become a major issue. I thought it was pretty far-fetched and none of it seemed possible for him to get away with. But I guess that’s not the main issue really as after all it was not supposed to be real.

I have to admit that I did not particularly enjoy this film as I didn’t really care if his wife was wrongly in prison or not. She was not a very likeable character. I guess the determination John showed was quite nice, but we could have had further character build up in flashback form to make us care a little bit more.

This film was not on in my cinema for very long, two weeks at the most which I guess shows that it was not very popular. Maybe brought out at the wrong time when all the Oscar contenders are out. But I was not a big fan of this film, think it’s more a film for the men!

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