Burlesque (2010) Review

Ali (Aguilera) is from Iowa and one day decides she’s leaving to go to LA. In order to fulfill her dreams of performing for people. But remember as the tagline says, it takes a Legend to make a star. That legend in this film being Tess played by none other than Cher. Who in my opinion steals each scene she is in!

So as Ali heads to LA and gets a room in a hotel, she begins looking for work as a singer/dancer but each cross in the newspaper is a step backwards. On the night-time she spots the club Burlesque and of course goes inside. She decides that stage is where she wants to be. Makes friends with the barman Jack and starts working as a waitress. She also moves in with Jack after her hotel room gets trashed!

Ali tries so hard to impress Tess and eventually manages to get a role as a dancer, but when her performance is sabotaged and she is forced to sing herself live on the stage that plan backfired for Nikki. As Ali revealed her incredible ability to sing. This then made Tess change the entire show around Ali singing! In the mean time Tess is facing the closure of her club due to needing a certain about of money in order to keep it open.

Performance wise I was impressed all round with Christina Aguilera in her performances of the songs, but also being believable as the nice girl Ali. Stanley Tucci in the role we have grown accustomed to seeing him in, as he is so brilliant at it. Cher really was just incredible especially with her performance singing “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” which I found so heartfelt and moving. Making us really relate and feel for the character during a tough time.

This really was such a fun musical with a love story to go with it as well, or even at one point a love triangle going on as well. The musical numbers aren’t too random with them all taking place on the stage at Burlesque which helps set the scene. Not too over the top as we have seen with so many musicals, with a good storyline to go along with it.

I have to admit that I put off going to see this film right away as I thought I would be disappointed, but after listening to the soundtrack a few times (and being impressed with that). I decided to go for it and see the film, and so pleased I did as found it so easy to watch and you left with a smile on your face . . . that is Burlesque!

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